Canadian Company Chata Launches Conversational AI for Interfacing With Databases on Microsoft Azure

Chata introduces AutoQL to Azure, enabling software providers and enterprises to offer frictionless data access through natural language.

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Chata has launched AutoQL on Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to deliver data on demand within their business applications and platforms. AutoQL is an API-first solution that dynamically translates natural language into SQL, so business users can interface with their data directly, simply by asking questions.

Azure has one of the largest cloud data footprints in the world and provides products and services that allow businesses to efficiently build, run, and manage applications they've developed. Offering AutoQL on Azure paves the way for empowering every worker to access data at their fingertips, take action on insights, and successfully navigate this era of digital transformation.

"With AutoQL's availability on Microsoft Azure, we're breaking down barriers between business users and their data. We have an incredible opportunity to transform the way people access information and make decisions every day. Together, we're empowering all workers, including non-technical individuals, to meet and exceed the needs of tomorrow's data-powered businesses," says Chata CEO Kelly Cherniwchan.

SaaS providers can embed AutoQL's proprietary text-to-SQL technology and customizable front-end widgets to get data into the hands of every business user, significantly reducing time to insights and time to action. By providing self-serve data access, providers can eliminate ad hoc reporting requests, increase product stickiness, and generate new revenue opportunities.

"Conversation is the interface of the future and interacting with databases is no different. Bringing AutoQL to Microsoft Azure allows us to equip developers with powerful AI-driven tools that are easy to implement, so they can empower every business user to make informed decisions and drive impactful outcomes," says Hailey Casper, Head of Customer Experience at Chata.

"Microsoft Azure customers can use AutoQL to streamline access to data for everyone from executives to analysts and front-line workers. Chata's integration with Azure has resulted in a solution that brings innovation enabling strategic actions to be taken right away, an advantage that benefits businesses of all sizes," said Suzanne Gagliese, One Commercial Partner Lead, Microsoft Canada.

While AutoQL's availability on Azure enables Microsoft customers to deliver and scale innovative data solutions, AutoQL will remain cloud-agnostic to provide intuitive data access tools for diverse businesses.

Moving forward, Chata will continue to expand their presence in the Microsoft ecosystem, offering new opportunities for businesses to get ahead and stay agile in an ever-evolving digital world.

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