Canadian Cannabis Dispensary Supherbs Announces the Launch of Supherbs Affiliates

Supherbs Dispensary

 Canadian cannabis dispensary Supherbs is announcing the launch of Supherbs Affiliates, designed for Canadians to earn money from home while national regulations require many industries continue to work from home. Supherbs is adding a handful of Canadian cannabis reviewers, influencers, streamers, authors, forum contributors and other creatives in the cannabis ecosystem to the team, but the spots are limited.

Since mid 2020, Canadians have seen a handful of workplace tasks move into a home office setting in response to growing rates of COVID 19. Studies are reporting upwards of 80% of Canadians prefer the change and want to work from home. Transitioning into a new normal, it's expected that many home offices will remain for the long term, as businesses scale back unnecessary close contact operations, many of these positions reside in administrative office and customer service areas.

With an influx of working-from-home positions, a rise in average daily social media usage, and general time spent online, 2021 is creating unique opportunities for marketers, reviewers, lifestyle social channels, and anyone with the drive to create an online presence. Oberlo reports that 9 of 10 purchases in 2021 come post reading reviews - that's a great sign for anyone looking to earn revenue for sharing affiliate links.

A Supherbs spokesman provided a statement on the recent launch of their affiliate program: "This is an opportunity for Canadians who have been prevented from the ability to work in these hard times, to earn revenue from home. There's a massively active cannabis community online in Canada, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TheWeedTube, Twitch, CannaSOS, ALLBUD. Supherbs is here to help the go getters on these platforms who are limited to native advertising find an option that works for them, so Canada now has access to an affiliate program that pays monthly via Interac and Paypal."

Affiliate marketing is a way to make passive online revenue in exchange for promoting a brand's assets or message. Traditionally businesses will offer a signup discount and a trackable URL in which affiliates will share. Once a click converts into a sale, affiliates can track their earnings and cash out within a given time frame. Each affiliate program operates with different guidelines, for example, Supherbs offers its affiliates 15% on each sale. Ads are made for affiliates, and it's as simple as sharing a basic message in videos, social media posts, and encouraging a social network to visit a website that aligns with their interests. The Supherbs Team is reaching out to any individuals, organizations and online communities that draw inspiration from cannabis on a regular basis. "If you're a website owner, blog author, regular forum contributor or streamer, there's an opportunity for you to start earning," said Gene, the spokesman for Supherbs Canada.

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Michael Raymond

Marketing, Supherbs Canada

Source: Supherbs