Can an Entire Commercial Be Filmed on a Drone?

Using DJI's Inspire 2, the Katana i2, and a Lamborghini, PolarPro Shoots for an Answer

Katana i2

PolarPro, a California innovator of technical camera imaging solutions, recently shot a test commercial project using a DJI Inspire 2 drone with an X7 imaging sensor, the new Katana i2 cinema rig, and a Lamborghini.

“We wanted to find a way to shoot an entire commercial production using just a drone, and not from an aerial perspective alone. We thought that the Inspire 2 and compact X7 camera with its lightweight interchangeable lens system capable of up to 8k resolution was the perfect platform to integrate with our Katana cinema rig system,” says PolarPro CEO and founder, Jeff Overall.

PolarPro just released the latest iteration of its Katana cinema rig system, the Katana i2 for Inspire 2/X7, giving pro-am content creators the ability to use their DJI drone as a primary ground-based camera on commercial sets.

Esteban Martinez, PolarPro’s lead engineer on the project, says, “Katana i2 gives creators total control over their production when shooting with the Inspire 2. With Katana i2, we’ve designed a lightweight alternative to lugging your other, larger camera rigs that weigh twice to ten times as much as the Inspire 2 drone and X7 camera.”

With this new ability to use the Inspire 2 drone on the ground, PolarPro was able to harness the full potential of DJI’s professional aerial imaging platform. So, can a commercial be shot entirely on a drone? PolarPro would like the results to speak for themselves, so be sure to check out the full commercial, shot exclusively on the Inspire 2 and Katana i2 (video added below).

Katana i2 Key Product Details

Katana i2 features a full carbon fiber and aluminum frame construction and rubber contact pads to prevent scuffing of the Inspire 2 drone body. The Katana i2 system can be broken down for compact storage and also includes two remote plates to mount the standard Inspire 2 remote or Cendence remote for a fully functional cinema rig.

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Source: PolarPro

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