Camper Selects Artist / Designer to Lead Unorthodox Campaign

Camper's newly released Spring / Summer campaign featuring UK personality, Pandemonia, is well received.

There may have been a time when models were eye-candy enough to turn heads. Camper seems to believe that these days, more is required to stand out from the crowd of models, fashion designers, and starlets.  Camper found Pandemonia, the 7-foot tall pop plastic character from England, who fits the bill with her brand of explosive fun.

Camper is presenting their new Kobarah design as part of its Spring / Summer collection. The presentation of their newest style took place in Camper’s Milan store on Avenida Montenapoleone. In the words of the company, the shoe is realized “with a 3D mold” which “continues the work of Camper in creating new forms of shoes and design”. Camper spokesperson, Miguel Fluxá said the shoe’s “touch of humor and comfort is what distinguishes it from everything else we have done.”

The event was also attended by Camper’s creative director Romain Kremer, as well as the protagonist of the Kobarah campaign, Pandemonia, a designer and artist from London whose real identity is hidden behind her latex mask.

About Pandemonia

Pandemonia is the creation of an anonymous London-based fine artist.  Existing on the dividing line between reality and myth, Pandemonia was born in 2009, immediately garnering the curious attention of the art and fashion world.  

Across the globe, she has appeared at the best fashion shows, parties and exhibitions. Pandemonia has the appearance to snatch the attention that is coveted by savvy advertisers. Currently residing in London, Pandemonia works on projects all around the world to include New York, China, and European countries. Her Camper campaign is global, next to be released in London & New York. 

Source: Camrose & Kross


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