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Cameron Construction is a team of experienced designers, engineers, project managers, and builders reputed across Australia for their award winning and advanced techniques in the construction field. Cumulatively, the company brings over four decades expertise; a period which they have marked with outstanding results as well as developing a loyal following countrywide. To spread their reach across the vast regions where their services are of demand, Cameron Construction has branches in Sydney, Essendon, Templestowe, Victoria, and Brighton.

Talking on how they have maintained consistency in the challenging industry, the Executive Director said, “Our motivation behind the numerous awards we have achieved over the years is simply the drive to provide beautiful designs that balance function, aesthetics, and feasibility. It is no wonder that we are the most decorated construction company in Australia, just recently adding two more feathers to our cap. These include the award for Best Australian Home Project under 350k and winners for the Custom New Home awards for 2017. We are self-motivated and take each project as a challenge and opportunity to come up with a construction like no other just for you.”

The Housing Industry Association recognized Cameron Construction as the leading bathroom designers in Melbourne for the previous year making known their efforts to the whole world. Each room in a home is different calling for special attention to be paid to its details especially when its function is as unique as the bathroom. Cameron Construction understands each client has their unique preference for a bathroom as their hundreds of options to choose from for any setting depending on tastes, budget, and size. The team makes it their priority to sit down and have a clear picture of an idea before coming up with the sketches and designs for the setting.

Speaking about their guarantee for accomplishing a dream bathroom design, the Project Manager said, “The key to fulfilling an idea is creativity and imagination which we are glad our team possesses. To ensure we have everything you intended for your bathroom renovations in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs we use computer-aided 3D designs which are a life-like replica of the design we intend to realize for your home. With this, you have a 360-degree view of all details and can give a go ahead not based on a paper idea but a small-scale reality.”

There comes a time when the consideration for building a second story becomes a fact that a homeowner has to look for ways to accomplish. Cameron Construction is available for full-service provision to such customers comprehensively taking care of all the aspects from the idea conceptualization to the final floor addition. The team works on all the legal issues concerning building extra floors working hand in hand with government authorities to ensure all intended developments are acceptable.

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Cameron Construction specialty in custom home designs and constructions has seen them become the most prominent award winning company in Australia offering responsive and innovative solutions to their customers.


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Cameron Construction has more than 40 years of experience in providing top-grade construction services.

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