Camden County Police Department Joins Growing Number of Police Departments Nationwide Partnering With STOPit Solutions to Empower and Protect Citizens

Tech provider helps police department create a safer community.

​​​Camden County Police Department (CCPD) has enrolled with STOPit Solutions, the leading technology service that empowers people to speak up for themselves and others, while giving public safety the insight it needs to keep communities safe. 

Using STOPit Solutions, Camden residents can now submit completely anonymous reports to CCPD directly from their mobile phones or web browsers, allowing the police department to investigate and even prevent dangerous situations in the community, all while citizens remain anonymous. Once a report is received, CCPD will be able to manage the tip through STOPit Solutions’ efficient and powerful communication platform, including the ability to message with the anonymous reporter and address issues instantly. 

“We derive our power from the community,” CCPD Lt. Zsakhiem James told NJPen. “And that makes a bigger difference. The community will give you the chance on small things [which can] build up to the larger things.” 

Other townships partnering with STOPit Solutions have already seen results in empowering their communities through anonymous reporting. In Somerset County, New Jersey, for instance, tips through the STOPit App helped with the arrest of an Arizona fugitive, as well as dismantled a prostitution ring.  

When it comes to the ease of reporting offered through the app, James told, “There seems sometimes that there is strength in anonymity.” He went on to explain, “Most people have their phone with them all the time, and it only takes a few seconds.”  

Camden joins a growing number of police departments that have partnered with STOPit Solutions nationwide. 

“Our team at STOPit Solutions is proud to help police departments keep their communities safe, and we are thrilled to partner with CCPD in doing that for Camden,” Neil Hooper, Chief Operating Officer of STOPit Solutions said. “Camden is undergoing a resurgence with the city embracing innovative technology, and we are honored to be a part of this modern community program that aims to help preserve the quality of life in Camden neighborhoods”. 

About STOPit Solutions: 

STOPit Solutions creates safer places to learn, work and live. STOPit Solutions helps thousands of schools, offices, and townships worldwide inspire speak-up cultures through 100 percent anonymous reporting tools and 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year.  

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Source: Camden County Police Department

About STOPit Solutions

STOPit Solutions creates safer places to learn, work, and live. STOPit Solutions helps thousands of schools, offices, and townships worldwide inspire speak up cultures through 100 percent anonymous reporting tools and 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year.

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