Cambre & Associates Feeds the Homeless and Communities Poverty-Stricken During the Pandemic

Cambre Cares is a charity initiative established by the team of trusted injury and accident lawyers with a goal of serving the community of Atlanta, Georgia.

Cambre & Associates donates to Grace Community Food Pantry

Cambre & Associates launched charity initiative Cambre Cares in 2020 after witnessing the destruction COVID-19 had on the city of Atlanta. Today, as coronavirus continues to grow in variants, CEO/Founder Glenn Cambre makes a $1,000 donation to Grace Community Fellowship Church and Food Pantry in the Fulton Industrial Blvd Community. The personal injury law firm is also running an in-office food and back-to-school drive throughout the month of August to support the 200 families that visit the food pantry per week. These contributions will provide food, book bags and other school supplies to families and children.

"Our food pantry distributes actual groceries. It makes people feel self-sufficient because they can cook and eat open-and-ready food. Our pantry normally serves 200 or more families per week, but COVID-19 has more than doubled the number of families we have served since March 2020," shares GCFC Administrator, Mrs. Margaret Caldwell.

Cambre & Associates' donation to Grace Community Food Pantry will enhance their efforts to feed and aid the underserved populations in the Fulton County area. Many of the people supported by Grace Community Fellowship Church are homeless living in tents or abandoned 18-wheel trucks, under bridges, in hotels with children, seniors living alone, and men & women who reside in ex-offender re-entry programs.

Cambre cares about the community it serves, and it is also an initiative that stands in solidarity with those making strides to impact the lives of others. The delta variant has proven coronavirus's persistence at the detriment of Atlanta residents, employees and underserved populations. Cambre & Associates aims to support Grace Community Food Pantry in a way that enhances their impact.

Poverty-stricken communities have experienced great turmoil with very little resources and information on how to receive a stimulus payment or how to get tested and/or vaccinated. Every day, the homeless are tasked with searching for their next meal and finding ways to raise their children and support their families.

Cambre Cares launched in April 2020 after the onset of the pandemic. The attorneys at Cambre & Associates thanked the healthcare professionals risking their lives on the frontlines at Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton, GA. The medical heroes received a hot meal to keep them energized and healthy.

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