CallFixie in Talks to Raise $10 Million in Series A Funding

CallFixie is an international on-demand infrastructure services marketplace with branches in India, Hong Kong and Australia. The company is in talks to raise $10 million in Series A funding round for expanding its operations in India.

CallFixie which is an on-demand services start-up has grown exponentially to India, Australia and Hong Kong.  They have raised about $2 million from Jaarvis and a group of unnamed private investors. Since its inception in India, in November, 2015, CallFixie has forayed into a terrain (B2B) which was until now untapped by any of its competitors. CallFixie is in talks to raise a Series A funding round of $10 million for expanding into the rest of India.

“The funds will be utilised to expand our operations and growing the revenues in the B2B segment”, said Jaspal Sarai, founder and CEO of CallFixie. Further details of the fundraising were, however, not revealed. After its launch last year, the company is now operational in four major regions including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, with 9500+ service providers and 25,000+ served customers.

CallFixie, which is a leading global home maintenance and facilities management platform, provides guaranteed quality of service by managing verified trade professionals to fulfill the customer’s requirements. Headed by CEO and co-founder, Jaspal Sarai and global head, Jerry Sarai, CallFixie has been on a dynamic expansion drive. Their successful asset-light business model ensures flexibility and geographic reach allowing them to undertake multiple large-scale B2B service projects, thus expanding its focus area from homes into businesses.

CallFixie has a vast network of verified service providers and is passionately dedicated to their needs and concerns. They have community managers in all areas to ensure that service providers are happy with the engagement and any grievances are dealt with swiftly. “We believe in equality and growth that contributes to everyone’s life”, says Jaspal Sarai.​


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CallFixie is a global infrastructure maintenance services marketplace with branches in India, Hong Kong and Australia.