CallCabinet's Cloud Call Recording Solution Receives Metaswitch Certification

CallCabinet has successfully completed interoperability testing with the Metaswitch platform, delivering compliant call recording and interaction management solutions for carriers, service providers, and end-users.

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CallCabinet, a leading global provider of cloud-native call recording, quality assurance, and AI solutions, announced today that Metaswitch Networks has certified Atmos, CallCabinet's award-winning call compliance and analytics platform. CallCabinet collaborated closely with Metaswitch to ensure Atmos' seamless integration into the Metaswitch platform.

This certification provides users of the Metaswitch platform with an easily scalable and secure call recording solution. Atmos integrates with Metaswitch via a SIPREC and is offered as a monthly service that scales in price with usage. Users can customize their Atmos deployment with additional features like AI analytics and agent scoring.

Atmos' Metaswitch integration offers service providers a seamless, robust, rapidly deployed cloud-based call recording SaaS for their customers. As a carrier-grade solution, Atmos includes a complete set of service provider management functions to handle customer provisioning, billing, and white-labeling. Metaswitch users will also take advantage of Atmos' best-of-breed QA and AI analytics features like call sentiment detection and call transcription.

"Completing our certification with Metaswitch opens up a broad field of opportunity for carriers and service providers seeking to offer enterprise-level compliance recording to their customers," stated Ryan Kahan, CallCabinet Group CEO. He continued, "From the beginning, CallCabinet's goal has been to deliver the highest level of customer experience and open new revenue streams for our Metaswitch partners."

Service providers deploying Metaswitch to provide a multi-tenant solution to clients spread across multiple geographies will benefit from Atmos' innovative Cloud architecture. All call data is stored on the Atmos Call Network, distributed redundantly over 40+ global Cloud locations.

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CallCabinet offers global carriers and service providers Cloud-based call recording, quality assurance, and AI analytics. CallCabinet's Atmos records customer interactions whenever, and however they occur. The Atmos call network is natively developed for the Cloud to deliver a multi-platform, multi-tenant, carrier-grade solution that is PBX / platform agnostic. CallCabinet's affordable SaaS is available through distributors, resellers, and on a white-label basis worldwide without the need for additional hardware, or long-term maintenance contracts. Discover the power, flexibility, and scalability of Atmos at

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