Californians and Celebrities Sing a New Tune as State Reopens and Covid Restrictions Lift

California Arts and Entertainment Industry Welcome Back Patrons With CDC Guidelines


As US Covid-infection rates drop to the lowest number since June 2020, Americans look to venture out into the new normal that awaits them in Summer 2021. Memorial Day though July 4th weekend are going to reveal what many can expect as bars, restaurants and entertainment venues welcome patrons back in accordance with CDC guidelines. This is a much welcome change, especially for California which maintained some of the highest US infection rates for much of 2020.

Many Californians eager for relief from the economic Covid crunch during the 2020-2021 pandemic are in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. During the pandemic, some partnered with organizations to create online revenue for themselves and others via internet shows, cameos, fundraisers, etc. One such performer, singer and songwriter, Jackette Knightley, quickly created an informal community of drag artists, Kings and Queens for Causes, who continue to raise thousands of dollars for local artists, community organizations, and children's hospitals via online entertainment. Her 2020-2021 shows continue to garner the attention of celebrities like, Oscar Winning Mira Sorvino, Grammy Winning Paula Abdul, Leann Rimes, Emmy Winning Carson Kressley, and many well-known RuPaul alum, like Emmy Winning Delta Work.

Covid continues to prove that necessity is the mother of innovation. As Jackette Knightley puts it, "When crisis hits, you either get busy worrying or working - you gotta man up!" Hence the name of her new single and online show penned during the pandemic "Man Up!" which lends the tongue-and-cheek line, "it takes a woman when you gotta man up". 

Her Man Up Show includes The Voice's Kayla Jade and RuPaul alum: Wilam, Manila Luzon, Morgan McMichaels, Nina West and Divina De Campo. It also features local drag talent: Psycadella, Big Dee, Jewels, Roxy, Ornan Del Valle, Mia Farrow, Allusia, Ms. Luna, Fontasia, Sparkle and Dani Kay who segue into live appearances during the show's run at SoCal's Hamburger Mary's restaurant chain. Man Up airs Monday, June 14th at 7pm PST on Ms. Knightley's FB page in honor of Pride Month: The show debuts 4 songs from Jackette Knightley's new album "Break Free", inspired by 2020-2021 pandemic events and lifting of restrictions. Fans ready to celebrate California's re-opening will love her original dance anthem songs which offer more of her signature New Synth sound - a captivating dance mix spanning a multitude of cultural and musical genres. Available everywhere music is sold starting June 14th, 2021. Proceeds go to local charities.