California Startup Unveils New Equipment for Cost-Effective Battery Manufacturing

New Battery Electrode Coating Machine

LiCAP Technologies Inc. announced today its latest technological addition in a form of a new manufacturing equipment for lithium-ion battery electrodes. The new equipment will be integrated into LiCAP's proprietary Activated Dry Electrode™ process and inform the design of a 1GWh demonstration line, planned for 2023.

With the new equipment, LiCAP plans to ramp up production of lithium-ion battery (LIB) electrodes and lithium-ion battery cells. Martin Zea, LiCAP's VP of Operations, comments that: "The new equipment is an important milestone for LiCAP, which is necessary to demonstrate that Activated Dry Electrode™ technology can make the transition from the already established large-scale supercapacitor manufacturing to high-volume production of lithium-ion battery electrodes and beyond."

Activated Dry Electrode™ technology will radically improve the currently industrialized wet electrode coating process by removing toxic NMP and energy-consuming drying furnaces from the Gigafactory of the future. LiCAP's three-step approach can yield dramatic cost savings and significantly reduce carbon emissions from LIB manufacturing.

"Along with technology leadership, manufacturing excellence is one of the most important elements of our business," said Dr. Linda Zhong, President, and Co-Founder. "As we ramp up production, we will confirm our ability to industrialize Activated Dry Electrode™ process in line with the timeline of our customers and support cost and sustainability targets of the lithium-ion battery industry."

Source: LiCAP Technologies, Inc.


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