California Company Launches New, Cutting-Edge Wireless Chargers


Sunvalleytek International Inc. is revolutionizing the wireless charging industry. The Fremont, California-based high-tech manufacturer recently launched three innovative products that set new standards for wireless charging.

Using its patented HyperAir technology, Sunvalleytek is now offering these wireless chargers under the brand name of RAVPower. RAV stands for Reliable, Affordable, Value.

Here are the charging times for several popular Smartphones:

·         iPhone X ( iOS 11.2): 164 minutes

·         iPhone 8 Plus ( iOS 11.2 ): 167 minutes

·         iPhone 8 ( iOS 11.2 ): 152 minutes

·         Samsung Galaxy S8: 240 minutes

This is twice as fast as faster as traditional 3.5-5W wireless chargers

The economical RAVPower-PC066, which hit the market in late January, features a 7.5W fast wireless charger for iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, and a 10W Qi wireless charging pad for Galaxy S8, S7, Note 8 and all Qi-enabled devices. A QC 3.0 adapter is included.

RAVPower-PC069 and RAVPower-PC080, which offer additional features, were launched in mid-February.

How does it work?

RAVPower chargers are faster and more efficient than traditional wireless chargers because they are able to convert more electricity into charging power. Traditional wireless chargers frequently overheat, not only affecting the charging speed but also the battery health. The energy which turns into unwanted heat is essentially wasted.

The HyperAir technology used in RAVPower chargers features triple temperature controls to avoid overheating. An intelligent chip monitors and adjusts the charging temperature, while the advanced internal structure disperses heat 15 percent faster and more effectively than traditional wireless charges.

In addition, the fail-safe circuitry prevents overcharging, over-current, over-voltage, overheating and short circuits. It’s important to make sure that no metal or magnetic objects are placed between the phone and charger; this will cause the changer to stop functioning. It is recommended that devices are equipped with a Qi receiver if it’s not Qi-enabled out of the box.

RP-PC066 features

The RAVPower-PC066 also offers Instantaneous Device Detection. By sharing the same fixed frequency program as iPhones, the HyperAir technology accurately detects an iPhone (or other Smartphone) and starts charging immediately.

A “smart indicator” LED light flickers green when the device is charging and turns solid green when fully charged.

The result is faster, safer charging that uses less electricity.

For more information

For additional details about any of the new RAVPower charging systems, visit You can also contact the company at 888-456-8468, (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PST) or e-mail:

Source: Sunvalleytek International Inc.


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