California Companies, With Bmark Energy, Inc., Save 10-30% Off Their Utility Charges Without Spending a Dime

Direct Access for Electricity — Submission Deadline is Just Ahead


Bmark Energy, with 36 years of utility and energy purchasing experience, advises companies how to save 10-30% off their utility charges, such as electricity generation costs, utility demand charges and natural gas procurement costs ... all at no cost to their company.

These savings quite commonly amount to many $1,000s/monthly and often many $100,000s or $1,000,000s/annually. The larger the volumes, the greater the savings, and all with the same utility services, reliability and delivery.

"Allowing more businesses but also residential electric utility customers to choose their retail power provider may soon be an option in California."

Mr. Mike Picker, California Public Utilities Commission President

Savings are great as companies become more efficient. And this allows companies to hire more employees, upgrade equipment, build more buildings, invest in infrastructure, purchase more inventory, expand operations, and dozens of other business enhancements, all of which make a company that much more competitive and successful.

Here is what's important to know now — Important Notice on Timing: SCE, PG&E and SDG&E will soon be accepting notices from companies who want to transfer into the Direct Access program and be eligible for any openings that become available in 2018.  

Time is short, with a mid-June 2017 Deadline to participate. Contact Bmark Energy for the required utility forms.

Here are a few Direct Access savings examples:

Electricity:  A company purchasing electricity from PG&E, SCE or SDG&E can save 10-30% off their generation costs in the Direct Access Program. A few examples: 

  • A tubing manufacturer recently saved over $800,000/year.
  • A small hospital group has saved over $450,000 this past year.
  • A small plastics manufacturer saves over $24,000/year.
  • A large food processor saves $400,000+/year.

Companies NOT currently in Direct Access could be enjoying these savings as well.  

Other Energy Services Provided:  Natural gas savings, reduction of utility demand charges, CHP Installations, available Biogas Supply, as well as Energy Project Funding ($500,000 - $1Billion).

Media Contact: Robert Kramb , President

Source: Bmark Energy, Inc.

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