Calgary's City Roofing & Exteriors Pledges Safety Commitment

The Calgary company City Roofing & Exteriors continues to pledge themselves to safety values in their workplace. The commitment to safety extends into several avenues, like safety certifications, corporate policies and impressive liability coverage. However, their continual commitment propels them to even greater heights and achievements for roofing in Calgary, like:

Certificate of Recognition (COR) Status

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) distinguishes companies that meet the requirements of a company committed to safety. These requirements are scrutinized through various methods, such as policy conformity, employee training, preventative maintenance, disaster preparedness and much more. However, it is the next part of the commitment that allows them to truly flourish as a safety-oriented business. 

Full-Time Safety Officer Role

The company’s commitment to safety continues into its staffing as well, which is how the role of a full-time safety officer came to be. The diligence of a dedicated individual is often more than ample protection for employees. It allows for a purpose-set pair of eyes to view all operations through a critical light.

Insurance’s Preferred Contractor

Finally, City Roofing & Exteriors is also the preferred contractor for several agencies throughout the city. Through these strategic partnerships, they can comment on and learn about different Calgary roofing requirements and stipulations from the perspective of an insurance agency. Of course, this is a great help for their customers, but it also informs the company’s own safety policies and procedures.

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