Calgary Zoo Engages Biopod for Use of Smart Microhabitat Technology

Biopod - The Smart Microhabitat

Biopod Systems Inc. is excited to announce a new relationship with the Calgary Zoo.

Biopod is a unique self-contained ecosystem that is capable of replicating real environmental conditions found in nature. The units are able to control temperature, lighting, humidity, airflow, aeration and irrigation in real time. It is also equipped with an HD camera allowing for live streaming to monitor the well-being of its inhabitants.

“Saving imperiled species in our rapidly changing environment requires a collaboration between conservation science, technology and innovation. The Calgary Zoo is excited to be engaging with Biopod to assist with the vital work we do with the endangered northern leopard frog,” says Lea Randall Population ecologist for the Calgary Zoo’s Centre for Conservation Research.

Amphibian and reptile species are in rapid decline globally and have been affected by deforestation, changing environmental conditions as well as disease. Conservation groups from around the world are working on ways to save and protect these endangered animals.

Jared Wolfe, Co-Founder of Biopod says,”The partnership with the Calgary Zoo is an amazing opportunity for us to showcase the magnitude of what we are doing. One of the core reasons why I created Biopod was to help in the conservation and research of amphibians and reptiles, so for me, this is a dream come true.”

Tom Lam, Co-founder states, “We have been working with zoos from around the world but are especially delighted to be working with our very own local zoo. It’s a tremendous opportunity for us to showcase the innovation that is happening in Calgary.”

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Tom Lam
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Source: Biopod Systems Inc.


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