Caleb Walsh Named Among the Top 100 People in Real Estate.

The Top 100 Magazine announced today that it will feature Caleb Walsh in its upcoming edition, The Top 100 People in Real Estate.

Caleb Walsh is a real estate developer and the owner of John Ruth Capital, Inc., a Florida based company that specializes in affordable housing. With a personal portfolio that encompasses commercial real estate, mobile home parks, apartment complexes, and single-family residential homes that is spread across six states, Caleb is nationally recognized as a leading authority on finance, development, and property sales.

As an affordable housing developer, Caleb is engaged in purchasing distressed properties and renovating them so that they can be made available to lower income buyers. Typically, this involves rehabilitating between 30-100 units in a single building but also extends to entire communities of single-family residences. With affordable housing at its zenith, Caleb has been especially successful and maintains a dominant position within the market.

We are so very excited to include Mr. Walsh in the upcoming Top 100 People in Real Estate magazine. His career is truly inspiring and we will enjoy sharing his achievements with our readers.

Joseph Nunziato, CEO

Caleb has been involved with income-sensitive redevelopment for more than a decade. Prior to this specialty, he bought and sold properties in the premium housing arena, which was somewhat volatile at the time. Based in Orlando, which had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation, Caleb recognized a tremendous opportunity to acquire real estate. Unfortunately, as a result of the 2008 housing crisis, Caleb found himself with properties that were not selling and reluctantly transitioned to managing rental properties, which did not require funding. While the revenues from his new vocation were not as substantial, they were more consistent and the role allowed Caleb to hone his management skills. After developing a proprietary management formula, he was able to realize greater profits through volume, which ultimately became the seed money he needed to take on the affordable housing market. 

Caleb is especially proud of his contributions to the revitalization of neglected neighborhoods and seeing families take ownership of beautiful, affordable housing. In conjunction with mayors, city planners, and police departments, he has organized redevelopment initiatives for some of the most unappealing areas in the country. 

Equally attentive to the community on a personal level, Caleb took an active role in relief efforts for the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Through Mercy International, he donated resources and money to assist victims with temporary housing and other essentials. 

When he is not engaged in community development or altruistic endeavors, Caleb enjoys driving his Lamborghini, going to the beach, and boating near his home in Tampa Bay.

Business Address: 127 West Fairbanks Ave, #242, Winter Park, FL 32789 Email:  |  Phone: 855-862-8837  |


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