Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Assistant Professor and ITRC Project Manager Dr. Franklin Gaudi to Join Laurel Ag & Water as Executive Vice President of Design

Redefining the Standard for Irrigation Design

Laurel Ag & Water

Laurel Ag & Water is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Franklin Gaudi as its new Executive Vice President of Design. This position was strategically created as a larger initiative to elevate the design function at Laurel and, ultimately, redefine the industry standard for irrigation design.

Dr. Gaudi comes to Laurel from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo's BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE) Department where he was an Assistant Professor and Project Manager for the Irrigation Training and Research Center (ITRC). In addition to his tenure at Cal Poly, Dr. Gaudi served as a member of the Irrigation Association Certification Board where he assisted in maintaining and updating professional certifications. 

"As an organization that is deeply committed to bringing the best and most innovative solutions to our customers, bringing Dr. Gaudi into the fold gives us the opportunity to add even more value to growers and transform the status quo," said Jonathan Thomas, CEO of Laurel Ag & Water.

Gaudi's formal education coupled with real, on-farm experience has served both his students and California growers well. "I am looking forward to joining Laurel as their Executive VP of Design and working alongside a team that understands the value of a well-designed irrigation system," said Dr. Gaudi. "So much of my career has been teaching students these practices. I am excited to bring the same ideas to growers and help add value to their operations."

Laurel Ag & Water began in 2019 through Arable Capital Partners' acquisition of four leaders in agricultural irrigation. Laurel offers a diversified portfolio of irrigation solutions to growers, including full-service design and installation, pipe rental, agriculture supply, and automation for easy system management. Combining industry leaders who value strategic design, precision builds, and innovative services offers growers the best solutions for the operation they're growing — today and tomorrow. Laurel Ag & Water is looking forward to the new developments and educational opportunities Dr. Gaudi will bring to the organization in the coming years. 

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Laurel Ag & Water partners with customers to design, build, and supply solutions for the sustainable, efficient, and reliable use of water, power, and human resources to maximize crop yields, profitability, and/or return on investment for their customers. Learn more at

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