Caged Bird HR Launches NYC Subway Ad Campaign Offering Independent HR Support to Employees

Millions of New Yorkers Riding the Trains Will See Informative, Attention-Getting Ads Showing Them How to Find Completely Independent HR Professionals Whose Job is to Protect Them, Not Their Company

Caged Bird HR Ad

Caged Bird HR, the first HR services company to offer employees access to independent HR support, launches its first major ad campaign in NYC subways.

Caged Bird HR offers employees nationwide an alternative way to get HR support in a safe environment by providing access to independent HR support. In a complete departure from traditional HR, Caged Bird HR is disrupting an age-old industry that desperately needs change.   

Oftentimes, employees are hesitant to go to HR due to the incredible risk associated and fear of the unknown. Millions of New Yorkers can now speak to a completely independent HR professional not employed by their company thanks to Caged Bird HR's first major ad campaign on the NYC subway. The benefits? The employee and the HR rep are free to be honest and open and discuss their rights and options in a confidential environment. There is HR that they can trust at Caged Bird HR. 

California-based creative agency Freedom and Coffee brought the ad campaign to life. Leveraging the founder and CEO's traumatic corporate experiences, the agency captured the employee experience in ways that have never been done before. Industry experts are already describing the imagery as “iconic.” The images are stunning — attention-getting, fun, and informative. The ad designs will spark meaningful conversation about the world of work and the important role HR plays in it. 

“As an HR professional myself, I can confidently say HR needs meaningful innovation,” says Caged Bird HR founder Cierra Gross. “It’s a complete disruption from traditional HR in every imaginable way, and it’s exciting. We are competing against conventional HR, notorious for only protecting the company. Differentiating ourselves has taken intentionality, which we tried to reflect in the ad campaign." 

About Caged Bird HR:  Opening for business in 2022, Caged Bird HR has quickly scaled to support employees in over 40 states at companies like Google, Netflix, Lionsgate, Meta, etc.  

  • By providing access to independent HR support, Caged Bird HR has built the most up-to-date comprehensive data set into the employee experience on the market, providing unprecedented insights. 
  • Caged Bird HR supports employees through complex employment issues like discrimination and harassment, reporting to HR, navigating performance-improvement plans, and understanding severance and layoffs.  

Caged Bird HR truly is a game-changer, empowering employees with their on-call advocate with HR expertise. It’s surprisingly affordable — and, in today’s world, a massive advantage to the employee who otherwise might be standing alone. 

More About Caged Bird HR:

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Founder and CEO Cierra Gross is a career HR professional and former Googler. Learn more and view her proof of performance on her website.

Source: Caged Bird HR

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About Caged Bird HR

Founded in 2022, Caged Bird HR is the first HR services company to offer employees access to independent HR support nationwide.