Cage Free Large Shark Interaction Images Available for Purchase, Tiger Beach August 2017

New images available for purchase from Tiger Beach, Bahamas August 2017 Trip

Landon Darr’s latest images are now available for purchase, to help save sharks. The shots were taken on his last shark expedition to Tiger Beach, Bahamas.

Landon Darr is a wildlife and expedition photographer with a passion for environmental conservation, especially for sharks. Recently, Darr went on a 7- day shark expedition to Tiger Beach in the Bahamas with Jim Abernethy, a world-renowned large predatory shark diving pioneer who also discovered the affectionate side of sharks in 2003.

The shark's role in the ecosystem is to keep our oceans healthy and in balance! The oceans are the heart of our planet and we rely on them for our own existence!

Landon Darr

“To me, these photos represent the intimate shark interactions I had with some of the largest predatory sharks in the world! Believe it or not, these majestic predators responded favorably to affection! I was actually able to rub the sharks head as if they were dogs. Having the sharks so relaxed seeking only affection, gave us opportunities to get much closer for extended periods of time. As a shark enthusiast and conservationist, I was extremely upset to learn these beautiful creatures are being wiped off our planet at such an alarming rate. Roughly 100 million are killed annually worldwide and over 90 percent of the large species are already gone! I want these pictures to raise awareness to these issues while we work hard to put a stop to this needless slaughter! The shark's role in the ecosystem is to keep our oceans healthy and in balance! The oceans are the heart of our planet and we rely on them for our own existence!" said Landon Darr. A portion of all images sales will go directly towards shark conservation. 

Landon Darr really loves underwater photography because of the immense challenges faced with beautiful imagery. There are so many different criteria that need to come together at the same instant. Lighting, exposures, the correct lens and the subject all have to be perfect at that magic moment, in order to get an incredible image. He plans to sell his images, to help save these magnificent creatures!

While underwater Darr interacted with tiger sharks, lemon sharks, caribbean reef and nurse sharks. It was an expedition that changed his life forever. The impact it had on him was profound and has compelled him to use his imagery, to do all he can to help save the species. He has already booked another trip and this time reserving the entire boat to the same location with the hopes he can transform others like he has. To join him on the next expedition please contact

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