Caffè De Aromi Acquires Route 66 Coffee Roasters in Bangkok, Thailand

The demand for coffee in Asia is showing promising signs as Caffé de Aromi recently acquired Route 66 Coffee Roasters in Bangkok, Thailand.

Caffé de Aromi has acquired Route 66 Coffee Roasters in Bangkok, Thailand. The acquisition will provide Caffé de Aromi with an established distribution network for pre-ground coffee throughout Thailand and provide the company with technology to create a wider range of coffee blends.

Caffé de Aromi has a great passion for coffee and this translates in producing the best quality packaged coffee. The acquisition of Route 66 Coffee Roasters will strengthen the brand by combining modern technology and the convenience of fresh roasted pre-ground coffee. 

Caffé de Aromi is a Thailand based coffee company that provides the best possible coffee based on tradition of craftsmanship which dates back hundreds of years

More information about Caffé de Aromi can be found here

More information about Route 66 Coffee Roasters can be seen here


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