CaddieNow Unveils Landmark Survey About Industry and Golfers Growing Appetite for Caddies

Research Reveals Interesting Profile of Today's Golfers and Their Adaptability to On-demand Technology

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Nine out of 10 golfers consider themselves “intermediate or better” players and more than half have used caddies, according to an extensive, first-ever industry survey commissioned by CaddieNow (formerly Looper Caddies On Demand), the nation’s leading on-demand app matching golfers with caddies.

More than 1,340 golfers, plus public and private course managers, participated in the study to gauge golf trends and gain insight into industry preferences and attitudes. The survey found 90 percent of golfers self-rank their game highly and two-thirds prefer walking courses (66 percent).  The research, available to anyone to download for free, also reveals golfers are increasingly using on-demand technology at a time when CaddieNow is expanding service.

This CaddieNow survey benefits our partner courses, but can also help everyone grow the game of golf, and that's valuable to the entire industry.

Dave Cavossa, CaddieNow Found & CEO

The landmark CaddieNow research, conducted by Buffalo.Agency, shows 36 percent of golfers are willing to use an app like CaddieNow, highlighting their appetites for new technology.

“Modeled after Uber and Lyft, CaddieNow makes it easy for golfers to book caddies, caddies to find work and courses to offer hassle-free caddie services,” says David Cavossa, founder and CEO of CaddieNow. “We commissioned this survey to better understand those relationships and industry behaviors at large.”

“Caddying was once readily available nationwide and, as health and fitness benefits of walking rounds get more airtime, is back in vogue,” says Rich Katz, founder and Managing Director of Buffalo.Agency. “The study informs course operators that a large segment of golfers want the option to take a caddie whenever and wherever they play.”

In addition to “tour-like experiences” and receiving playing tips, golfers cite significantly more time to focus on their games and youth mentorship opportunities as leading factors in hiring caddies.

Key insights from the 36 percent of golfers willing to use an on-demand caddie app are:

·         89% ages 35-plus

·         70% earn more than $100,000 annually

·         65% play at least one round weekly

“This is the most detailed analysis ever conducted about caddies,” Cavossa said. “We’re sharing this information for the betterment of the industry. This CaddieNow survey benefits our partner courses, but can also help everyone grow the game, and that's valuable to the entire industry.”

CaddieNow is making the survey available to everyone for free at Plans call for yearly research to follow the caddie phenomenon.

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