Cactus Aims to Protect Democracy for Brand USA With Citizen Impeachment 2020 Campaign

Citizens are invited to submit art, music, film, words and other expressions of creativity, all of which will be showcased in a gallery to inspire others


​Brand-transformation agency Cactus has launched Citizen Impeachment 2020 (, a get-out-the-vote content campaign designed to remind Americans that although the U.S. Senate did not have the votes to find a corrupt president guilty, its citizens still have the power to do just that at the polls on Nov. 3.

"Right now, there is no brand that is more important than Brand USA. American democracy matters, and we will always defend and promote it," declared Cactus founder and CEO Joe Conrad. "The current president is damaging the brand and, like any bad CEO of a publicly owned company, he needs to be fired. Citizen Impeachment 2020 is a chance to remind politicians that the people have the power and on Nov. 3, they will send that message loud and clear."

The campaign launches with a video and mobile billboards in Washington, D.C., with bold creative that states, "If the Senate won't, we will" and "Grab him by the vote" with the Citizen Impeachment 2020 logo and a call to "Vote on November 3."

The campaign website makes it easy to register to vote and it also encourages individuals to help get out the vote. People are encouraged to create their own influencer campaign using a wide array of creative and advertising assets they can download for free along with a playbook for how to launch their own personal campaign. People will find downloadable materials such as bumper stickers, yard signs and campaign literature. Citizens are encouraged to participate in the effort by recruiting other people from their network and communities to join the movement.

The most creative minds in the world are encouraged to participate. Members of the creative community and all citizens are invited to submit art, music, film, words and other expressions of creativity, all of which will be showcased in a gallery to inspire others. In the call for creative content, Citizen Impeachment 2020 allows people to use their artistic voice to articulate why they think President Donald Trump should be impeached by the public. The project is also designed to help people channel their frustration and anger about this politically driven process and direct their energy and talent to create a voice. Details on how to submit creative content can be found at

"The tone of this campaign is serious, direct, profound, provocative and most of all, participatory. We aim to remind all voters that if they lead, the politicians will follow," said Conrad.

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Media Contact:
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Phone: 305-479-5208
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