Cabot Guns Unveils Its Latest Creation: A $250,000 One-of-a-Kind Moonshot Pistol and Mints NFT on OpenSea

Built with the precision and engineering excellence for which Cabot is known, the heirloom-quality/museum-grade Moonshot is handcrafted with precious stones and crowned with a certified lunar meteorite.

Cabot Moonshot

Cabot Guns, a leading provider of custom 1911 pistols, today announced the release of its latest One-of-a-Kind (OAK) gun: the Cabot Moonshot. The Moonshot is built on the long-serving 1911 platform, designed, and engineered by John Moses Browning and adopted by the US Army on March 29, 1911.

Through the painstaking placement of lunar meteorite, small diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and gold inlay, the Moonshot delivers a dynamic view of our solar system—from the perspective of the lunar surface. These and other precious materials fire the imagination as they portray planets and stars racing along their celestial paths.

Cabot Founder and CEO, Rob Bianchin, notes, "With the Moonshot, we have pushed the boundaries as to the idea of mechanical art in the form of a pistol. The unique use of rare lunar meteorites and extra-terrestrial materials has never been employed in such a manner. It's a symbol of both an enduring American design and the accomplishments of America on a galactic scale."

The space-black slide provides the perfect backdrop for planetary orbits, shooting stars, and meteorites, rendered by FEGA Master Engraver Lee Griffiths' expert touch. The astronauts and Apollo lunar module featured on the grips were cut out of steel plates, sculpted, and then carefully welded into place. "From an engraver's perspective, it was an absolutely delightful mind-bending challenge to unite heaven and earth. The creation process was a personal and unique way to experience a moon landing vicariously," says Griffiths.

For all the design, engineering, and craftsmanship used to create the Moonshot, the Cabot team knew the case in which the pistol would rest must be out of this world as well. Benoît Miniou, CEO of Les Ateliers Victor, the Parisian design house, recalls the first time Bianchin approached him regarding the Moonshot: "I loved it! I immediately envisioned the unique space trunk we would imagine in order to sublimate this great pistol." Miniou goes on to describe the final outcome of hundreds of hours of design, testing, and creation over the next two years: "It is a unique masterpiece shaped out of a massive block of space-grade aluminum, with screws redesigned and reshaped to look like SpaceX capsules, a titanium solar system grid that features moving planets, which lock and unlock access to the pistol through a secret astronomical code, and a laser engraved hieroglyphic formula enchanting the case and protecting the Moonshot 1911."

Cabot Guns is proud to announce the Moonshot, a stunning blend of engineering and art that represents a unique connection between the most iconic firearm on the planet—the 1911 pistol—and the pinnacle of engineering and scientific achievement: the lunar landing. And finally, Cabot will mint an NFT of Moonshot as the company launches into the Metaverse to initiate a digital collection of Cabot 1911s on the blockchain.


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