Cable Matters Introduces Triple-Monitor MST Hub, Featuring DisplayPort™ 1.4 Technology

Cable Matters®, a leading supplier of connectivity solutions, announced two DisplayPort 1.4 MST Hubs with input of Mini DisplayPort and USB-C, respectively.

Cable Matters DisplayPort 1.4 MST Hub with Mini DisplayPort Input

​​​Cable Matters®, an industry-leading supplier of connectivity solutions, announced new additions to their line of custom-designed video products. The Cable Matters 3-Port Mini DisplayPort MST Multi-Monitor Hub and the Cable Matters 3-Port USB-C™ MST Multi-Monitor Hub add up to three displays to a laptop, tablet or desktop computer with Mini DisplayPort or USB-C.

Drive Multiple Displays over DisplayPort 1.4 or 1.2

Stream independent video displays from a Mini DisplayPort or USB-C port that supports the DisplayPort 1.2 or 1.4 standard. Computers supporting DisplayPort 1.2 can have a maximum of three 1080p monitors, while DisplayPort 1.4 bandwidth allows for a single 8K, dual 4K 60Hz, or triple 4K 30Hz display. 

Expand Workspace

Increase one's multi-tasking productivity with a different application on three separate displays from a computer with Windows, Linux or Chrome OS®. An integrated USB-C port on the USB-C version of the hub offers 100-watt pass-through charging to charge a laptop while in use. The optional USB-C port on the Mini DisplayPort version of hub boosts the signal for low-powered Mini DisplayPorts.

Built for when Detail Matters

DisplayPort 1.4’s 32.4 Gbps bandwidth also packs support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), providing 10-bit color depth and dynamic color mapping. The newest 8K HDR video graphic cards offer extreme detail for graphic designers, photographers and producers. 

Desktop Mounting Option

A small magnet in the body of both MST Video Hubs offers a convenient mounting option on the side of a computer tower or other metal surface. Reduce clutter on one's desktop for a tidy workstation. A 12-inch cable tail prevents strain on one's computer’s USB-C port or Mini DisplayPort. 

Performance Video for All

“The Cable Matters DisplayPort MST Hubs offer convenient choices for computer users. Cable Matters strives to offer a wide range of video products to serve the home, office and gaming community.” - Jeff Jiang, President of Cable Matters

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