Buzz B-Gone Mosquito Trap: The Must-See UV Insect Bug Zapper

Buzz B Gone is a new USB-powered rechargeable insect zapper and mosquito trap that uses UV light to lure flying bugs into its one-way, no-escape reservoir for safe and effective killing of those pesky mosquitoes.

Buzz B Gone Mosquito Trap

Found only online at, the BuzzBGone Mosquito Zapper uses the 360-degree ultraviolet light to attract flying bugs and a powerful suction fan that pulls them right into the central holding chamber to die a slow death either by zap or dehydration.

With easy to clean access and a highly effective kill rate, the Buzz B Gone Mosquito Trap device is not your average flying insect zapper. The UV light and 360-degree fan combination sucks in these bloodthirsty bugs without the use of toxic poisons and chemicals. This makes the mosquito killing Buzz B-Gone unit safe to use around pets, young children and even bird feeders. It also works just as good inside as it does outside on the backyard patio or deck.

Best BuzzBGone Mosquito Trap Benefits

The buzz behind the BuzzBGone mosquito zapping trap is just due to the uncomfortable nature of being bitten and itchy. Up until now, there was not a highly efficient, easy to clean, chemical-free insect zapper that is portable, rechargeable and affordable.

There is also a key difference to appreciate regarding the BuzzBGone​'s uniqueness. It is not just an insect zapper, but it is also a trap system that ensures all mosquitoes sucked into the vortex die either by the UV light zapping mechanism or simply by dehydrating them. As with all living creatures, they must have water to survive and will die fast without it. The user-friendly BuzzBGone Insect Zapper also does not put off any of those annoying zapping sounds or that nasty burnt insect smell that many of the existing units on the market create.

The BuzzBGone UV mosquito zapper utilizes specific wavelengths that trick mosquitoes into thinking it is a live food source. Once the ultraviolet light emission attracts the mosquitoes, the flying bugs will get sucked into the quiet, yet powerful fan vortex once within range. From there, they will die in the easy to remove and clean reservoir where they can no longer be a threat ever again.

Where to Buy the BuzzBGone Insect Zapper

The UV light mosquito trap device is only available on the official website, Any BuzzBGone unit offered on Amazon, Walmart or Home Depot is a scam and not the authentic bug zapping device. The Buzz B Gone cost is a small price to pay at only $60 per device and as low as $40 per unit when buying multiple units. All purchases are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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