ButterPly: Better Furniture, Better Lives.

Architects from Hong Kong paddling against the current to deliver a customizable furniture with innovative wood joints.

Flexible modular organizers

Stylish people of all ages no longer crave for products from multinational furniture retailers. “We have used furniture from global brands but we were dissatisfied with the overall sameness of the products and the hassle that comes with the installation.” This has led to the creation of ButterPly, a simple yet unorthodox furniture series designed by two Hong Kong architects. It is aggressively priced so as to deliver affordable designer pieces to every home and office.

The elegantly designed ButterPly desks are innovative in every detail. Inspired by Japanese wood joinery, the assembly is easy and requires no screws nor tools. Even better, the height of the frame can be adjusted thanks to the in-house developed smart joinery system. Its durable table top is ergonomically crafted with various functions embedded. The ButterPly furniture series offers 4 different sizes ranging from an upstanding desk, a personal desk to a dining table. 

"It is smart, beautiful and functional." "This furniture is definitely designed for people to enjoy."

William Lim, Director of CL3 Architects Ltd.

ButterPly desk is more than a surface for you to work on. It keeps your working space organized and ready for the exciting day. It comes with different functional organizers which are integrated into the thickness of the table top: coins tray, stationery holder, iPad stand, customized book stand, cable management, etc., and can be flipped flushed when not in use.

Made with high quality furniture-grade plywood, ButterPly desks are durable and reliable. Its cross-grain nature makes it warp-resistant in moisture and temperature fluctuating environment. Constructing with plywood is also environmental friendly. Compared to the growing process of hardwood trees, the industrial process for manufacturing plywood is much more resource efficient.

ButterPly is designed by UPSOP, an award-winning design studio found by two young architects from Hong Kong. It is comprised of passionate, innovative and energetic architects and product designers. Their unconventional manufacture-driven design approach took cost into consideration right at the beginning, making ButterPly both attractive and affordable.

Join the campaign and become the first in the world to enjoy the designer pieces at your living or working place.

Source: ButterPly

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