ButterflyVPN: World's Tiniest VPN Router and Most Travel-Friendly Available for Retail Purchase

U-Disk VPN solution for travelers, Plug and Play, 10 plus devices supported at an affordable price

ButterflyVPN Traveler mini router

The holiday travel season is fast approaching and in the day and age of cybersecurity, the most common concern a traveler may have when it comes to browsing the internet on the go is a way to stay ‘safe’ on a public network while enjoying the easiest and safest unlimited Internet freedom from anywhere at an affordable price. 

Meet ButterflyVPN. Butterfly is the most travel-friendly, secure VPN router on the marketplace today. It is a perfect companion for traveling, work and research. This device turns any public WiFi hotspot into a secure virtual private network. By masking an IP address, one can avoid tracking of online activities and location, and keep sensitive information safe, like credit card numbers and passwords, unblock restricted websites and services while traveling in censorship-heavy countries and steer clear of annoying online advertisers.

Features include:

  • Born for travel: Tiniest VPN device in the world;
  • User-friendly: No app or sign up is needed, and it is simply a plug and play;
  • Private and safe: Encrypt personal data, online activities, and location and browse anonymously;
  • Reliability: Globally distributed servers and automatic updates;
  • Compatibility: Surf up to 10 devices simultaneously at fast and stable speeds; and
  • Cost effective: Offers a 3-year subscription service and 1-year hardware maintenance. 

The product works in three easy steps.

  • Connect device to any WiFi network;
  • Connect to power up Butterfly and;
  • Connect device to the WiFi filtered by Butterfly to enjoy the unlimited Internet surfing.

There are no app downloads, no credit cards, no signup or logging in. It automatically connects to the server covering Europe, Asia, and America, to deliver a faster more stable connection with unlimited data and bandwidth than other providers. It also allows users to manually select any region line (Full Mode) where needed.

ButterflyVPN has two product lines. Butterfly Traveler designed for the business traveler and Butterfly Home which supports wired and wireless connections, suitable for home and office use. Both products can support multiple devices.

Butterfly Traveler VPN can be purchased for $89. Included in the price are a 3-year subscription and 1-year hardware maintenance. For more information, visit https://en.butterflyvpn.us.

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