Business & Social Travel App "Thr." Announces Its Official Product Launch

"We're empowering users to turn digital connections into real-world interactions", Says Eric Creekmore, founder and CEO

In an age where digital connections often overshadow genuine human interaction, Thr. redefines how we foster and maximize our personal and professional networks. After a successful product "Beta", Thr. officially launches its market-ready mobile application for iOS and Android on May 6.

"We're empowering users to turn digital connections into real-world interactions," says Eric Creekmore, CEO of Thr. "Our goal is to transcend virtual communication and foster genuine, impactful human connections."

Scheduled for May 6, 2024, this product release introduces robust features, including:

- Seamless integration with travel plans, facilitating in-person meetups by syncing overlapping dates in the same city, without compromising user privacy or exact locations.

- AI integration with Google, suggests meetups based on detected trips

- Introduction of Thr. "Communities" which offer exclusive paid and free groups tailored to specific interests, enabling members to connect with top contacts beyond their immediate network.

What is Thr.?

Founded by CEO Eric Creekmore, a finance entrepreneur turned digital nomad, Thr. was born of the need to maximize every connection. In the digital era, managing professional networks has become complex, with real-life interactions often eclipsed by online networking.

"Thr. brings in-person relationships back to the forefront of business, undoing the damage caused by social media tech companies," says Thr. CTO Marco Yammine.

Thr. offers an all-in-one solution for expanding and nurturing meaningful connections. Users seamlessly locates nearby network members, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to connect. It also revives old connections while rejuvenating current ones. Thr. notifies you and your contacts about potential meetups only if both parties are interested, rekindling connections effortlessly. The app does the work of reconnecting people you've met briefly but want to keep in touch with, making networking even more straightforward.

Current Features of the Thr. App Include:

- Status Updates: Receive notifications when invited to a new network, and never miss out on connecting opportunities. Get notified when someone in your network is nearby and automatically notify your circle when you're in their city.

- Secure Network: Control who sees your information with various visibility options, ensuring connections in a secure environment.

- Smart Locations & Mapping: Notify your contacts of your current location, and keep track of your frequented cities to discover what’s happening instantly.

- Messaging: Send and receive DMs with your closest contacts to plan IRL meetups securely.

"Thr. represents a new era of technology that prioritizes human connection, improving relationships, happiness, and business results," says CMO of Thr., Jonathan Maxim, emphasizing the app's focus on authentic human connections.

What's Next?

As Thr. celebrates its official launch, it's embarking on a seed investment round to further its product innovation and growth. With plans to expand the team and strengthen its technology, improve user experience, and introduce pioneering features.

Download Thr. for free today and join a movement that prioritizes real-life connections.

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Source: Thr. Incorporated

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