"Business Show" Revisioning Performing Artist Training

There are many stories documenting the difficulties artists have had achieving balance between their artistic aspirations and the business and personal skills necessary to ensure success. The Creative Acts Learning Center has opened its doors to help performing artists bridge the gap between the purely artistic and the practicality needed to move those aspirations along the path to reality.

Creative Acts Learning Center is a new minority-owned business started in June 2015 by actor and Howard University and Northern Virginia Community College professor Nicole Brewer. 

  • Entrepreneurial Artist Series is Creative Acts Learning Center's first signature event. These seminars seek to empower the performance artist with insight into the often overlooked business side of the performing arts. 
    • These seminars fill the gaps in sustainable business practices for performing artists.             
      • Consists of ten ninety-minute workshops designed to teach artists how to become savvy entrepreneurs.
      • Partners with experts from various industries, tailoring their knowledge to fit the needs of the artist.
      • Provides the latest business skills to empower the artist to utilize more sensible business practices in their careers.  

The Entrepreneurial Artist Series runs every Thursday, August 6, 2015 - October 8, 2015 7:00-8:30 PM, at 631 B Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, D. C. located in the Eastern Market neighborhood.

"Performing Artists must develop a creative union: merging mastery of their craft with practical business principles for a viable career."

Nicole Brewer, Founder

For more information, visit www.creativeactslearningcenter.com. Send questions to info@creativeactslearningcenter.com or call 202-810-3816 between 10 AM and 7 PM Monday through Saturday. 

About Creative Acts Learning Center LLC

The Creative Acts Learning Center (CALC) is a new minority-owned business in Washington D.C. started in June 2015 to fill the gap in sustainable business practices for performing artists via classes, workshops and seminars.

Creative Acts Learning Center LLC
631Pennsylvania Ave SE , #STE B
Washington, District Of Columbia