Business Owner Urges Americans to Make Wear Their Jeans to Reduce Pollution

Business Owner Sarene Alsharif Delivers Inspiring TEDx Talk: “How to Save the World with a Pair of Jeans”

Business owner Sarene Alsharif, LDN, MPH, recently took to the TEDx stage with a compelling message on sustainable fashion practices. In her talk titled “How to Save the World with a Pair of Jeans,” Sarene, who operates Tad More Tailoring in Rockford, IL, explored the impactful ways individuals can contribute to environmental conservation by reusing and recycling clothing.

During her presentation, Sarene highlighted the significant environmental benefits of opting for reused garments and thrifting instead of purchasing new items. With her business, Sarene has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable fashion practices, emphasizing that small changes in consumer habits can lead to substantial ecological benefits.

“Every piece of clothing reused or thrifted is a step towards a healthier planet. It’s about changing our mindset and understanding the power of collective action in tackling environmental issues,” Sarene stated in her talk. She also shared practical tips on how individuals can make more environmentally friendly choices in their fashion consumption.

The TEDx Talk has already begun to resonate with viewers, spreading the message that sustainability is both achievable and essential. Sarene hopes her talk will inspire the community and beyond to adopt more sustainable practices.

“We are thrilled by the positive response to Sarene’s message and are excited to see how her ideas will continue to influence sustainable practices in our community,” said a spokesperson for Tad More Tailoring.

The full video of Sarene Alsharif’s TEDx Talk, “How to Save the World with a Pair of Jeans,” is available on the TEDx official website and YouTube channel. For more information about Sarene’s work and Tad More Tailoring’s initiatives, visit

About Tad More Tailoring: Tad More Tailoring is committed to promoting sustainable fashion through tailoring, alterations, and educating the community about the importance of reusing and recycling clothing. Located in Rockford, IL, the company strives to make a difference in the environment and the local community by advocating for smarter, more sustainable consumer choices.

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