Business Moguls and Co-Founders of Cardone Ventures, Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson, Partner With MSC Mechanical, Inc.

This brand-new partnership brings massive growth, scaling, and wealth-creation opportunities for both businesses.

Cardone Ventures and their HVAC management company, 10X HVAC, are proud to announce their most recent partnership with MSC Mechanical, Inc.—co-owned and operated by Daryll and Courtney Zalesak. The collaboration between these companies aims to provide massive growth and scaling opportunities for the HVAC operators within their network, thus continuing the national rollout of the 10X HVAC management company. 

CEO of MSC Mechanical, Inc., Daryll Zalesak, and his business partner and wife, Courtney, have always been tied to the company's mission, which is to help improve the community's quality of life. And it wasn't until they met Brandon Dawson and his team at Cardone Ventures that they saw what was truly possible for their business. With a mission to provide state-of-the-art home solutions to families across the nation, this partnership will help them do just that.  

"I have read many books over the years, which has helped us run our HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical business. I've joined many organizations and hired a few consultants to help me grow through the struggles, too. I am here to say that no one even scratches the surface when it comes to just the sheer magnitude of impact the Cardone Ventures Team has had on our business in such a short period," says Daryll Zalesak, CEO of MSC Mechanical, Inc. "Our employee culture is now unbreakable, our sales growth is unimaginable, the business growth trajectory is exponential, and most importantly, I can now spend more time with my family without worrying about how the business is doing."

By partnering with Grant, Brandon, and the Cardone Ventures 10X HVAC experts, Daryll, Courtney, and their team are getting set up for success and gearing toward massive growth. Taking what Grant and Brandon know about marketing, sales, and real estate, what Brandon knows about business, leadership, and scaling, and what Daryll knows about the HVAC industry, they can grow exponentially. As a result, this will effectively continue the national rollout of the 10X HVAC management company within Cardone Ventures. 

"Our intention here is to disrupt the HVAC space," says Brandon Dawson, CEO of Cardone Ventures. "We're rapidly expanding into the HVAC industry with goals of becoming the largest HVAC organization in the country, comprised of leading business owners who want an alternative to private equity—an alternative that allows them to maximize  value in their businesses."

With the right foundations in place, the elements they need to support the growth of their business, and the 10X brand behind them in support, there's no telling how far MSC Mechanical, Inc. will go.

About Cardone Ventures: Cardone Ventures is a business consulting company founded by Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson that helps business owners attain their personal, professional, and financial goals. Together, they help business owners experience their company from a 360-degree perspective, including operations, marketing, finance, and people. Cardone Ventures' focus is to help entrepreneurs grow from $2 million to $500 million+ and 10X all aspects of their business. The brand-new Cardone Ventures Scottsdale Headquarters is located at 4800 N Scottsdale Rd. Suite 5500, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. For more information on Cardone Ventures, visit:

About MSC Mechanical, Inc.: MSC Mechanical, Inc. was created as an abbreviation of "Malek Service Company" and transformed from a sole proprietorship into a corporation. This thriving corporation humbly began as a commercial HVAC and refrigeration service company in the home of Brant and Angela Malek in 1989. Today, MSC Mechanical is composed of multiple HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies spanning the great state of Texas. For more information, visit:

Source: Cardone Ventures