Business Coaching Show Makes Dollars and Sense for Millennial Entrepreneurs

If You Have Ever Considered A Business Coach, Now Is The Time. Online Business Coaching Is On The Rise.

The No Negativity Movement

Victor Young, host of the internationally distributed podcast In Your Business with The Daily Life Coach, makes a big impact with Millennial entrepreneurs. Young will expand your mind, skill-set, and professional brand. Millennial's are choosing to start their own companies instead of going to college so they value the opinions of tried and true entrepreneurs like Young. 

In Your Business With The Daily Life Coach was created by design to encourage, train and strengthen professionals from all walks of life. Everyone from college students to CEO’s follow Young’s real-life experiences and teaching examples. Each episode will stretch your mind like Play-Doh and mold listeners into success Ninja's. No subject is off the table. Followers are able to submit their questions, comments and challenges to be discussed in future episodes. 

Young believes the world is filled with far too much negativity and started his No Negativity Movement to shine more light on the darkness we all face daily. Victor invites followers to use #NoNegativity when posting inspirational content on social media. Follow Victor Young "aka" The Daily Life Coach online or @thevictoryoung on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Jasmine Starr, Director of Public Relations

Are you ready to learn how to become number one? (who doesn’t want to be number one?) A few of Young’s most popular podcast includes: Make Your Weak Links Stronger, Does Your Loyalty Have Limits, and A Conversation With A Millennial. If you are ready to build your empire then visit www.TheDailyLifeCoach.Com and listen to each episode of his unpublished book about how ordinary people can become wealthy business leaders.

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