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As talks of quarantines and shelter-in-place orders began to emerge in the early days of the pandemic, Florida gym and elite training facility MPower Fitness was prepared to do whatever it took to ensure the safety of their members and provide them with access to their facility to keep them as healthy as possible, while Fitness Promotion Company Crazy Sock Divas was working to ensure people had a way to stay connected. Exercise naturally boosts the immune system and directly impacts cardiovascular health as well as lowering the risk for obesity — all important factors in recovering from the deadly virus. They implemented mandatory social distancing guidelines and doubled up on their already stringent sanitization efforts, but ultimately on March 20, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered all gyms and health facilities in the state to be shut down. They were not included in the Phase One Reopenings.

Crazy Sock Divas, also headquartered in Florida, opened up their exclusive group to the public and reached out to MPower Fitness. “We had just released our podcast and were anticipating a huge production season as well as a full summer of events. All of it came to a screeching halt with the shelter-in-place order and the business shutdowns,” says President of Crazy Sock Divas, Brandi Jaeger.

MPower Fitness and Crazy Sock Divas have been longtime trusted partners since both businesses emerged in 2016, combining their unique missions and innovative ideas to bring engaging fitness events to people in the community. Mondello and Jaeger immediately started making new plans to ensure people could have access to exercise and connection as the crisis unfolded. “It has been essential for us to be able to provide safe workouts and maintain that connection with our members — especially during times like these,” says Mondello.

Mondello and Jaeger hosted their first live-stream fitness class on March 25 and more instructors immediately jumped into action and began to do live-streams from their homes as well. Payment was not required for any of these classes but payments by donation were accepted to pay instructors. They have hosted over 70 virtual classes to date.

As the popularity of the live-stream fitness classes continues to grow and the future of COVID-19 remains uncertain, a new platform designed by the two businesses, branded FitCentrix360, will be available to consumers everywhere on May 18, 2020, and will include access to On-Demand Workouts and Fitness Live-Streams, as well as nutritional tools and other wellness components encouraged to boost the immune system and overall health. Corporate wellness packages will also be available.

“We’ve had people join these live-streams from all over the country. Remote workers and traveling workers love the convenience, the at-risk populations can stay safe from home. We’re thrilled to be able to expand on this and help people thrive beyond COVID-19,” says Jaeger.

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