Busby Healthy Offers Insight and Tips on Fitness and Wellness

A new site has launched that highlights the best tips and deals on health, wellness and fitness.

Busby Healthy is geared toward the health conscious person, founder Sherry Busby said.

“We want to help people find quality products and merchandise geared toward having a healthier lifestyle,” she said. “Every person needs something different, and we think it’s our job to help them in their search.”

The site highlights products that people interested in health, wellness and fitness will find interesting, she said, and offers quality and up-to-date information on the latest health and fitness news, deals, tips, and insights. It also works to offer real, practical solutions to the problems people face.

“We offer more than just lists of everyday tips and tricks,” she said. “Whether it’s finding someone the perfect product or connecting them to the right community, we’re dedicated to helping people move forward in their journey toward total health.”

One of the main focuses of the site is on natural products that promote health and wellness. Products highlighted so far include green superfoods such as Clorella and kelp; aromatherapy; and all-natural skin care products and makeup.

“We plan on bringing people’s attention to a very wide variety of products,” Busby said, “from health, beauty and skin care to exercise gear. We’re also committed to making sure the products are affordable, effective and a great value for customers.”

She said the site hopes to engage people early in life, when a commitment to wellness can have the greatest effect.

“We want customers who are interested in having a good quality of life for many years to come. If they start while still young, they are more likely to follow through into their golden years in taking a natural approach to good health.”

More information is available at busbyhealthy.com.

Source: Busby Healthy


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