Burn Injury Survivor Shares Her Inspiring Story in New Memoir

Book Launch Party Today in Montrose, Colorado

Charity Freeland

After living with scars from a horrific car accident for more than 25 years, Charity Freeland has released her memoir, Life Beyond the Scars: Finding Hope in Tragedy, to help others overcome tragedy in their lives. 

"Honestly, there are plenty of good books out there that share the ins and outs of burn treatment, just as there are books about overcoming incredible trauma," says Freeland. "The focus of Life Beyond the Scars is my ongoing journey toward wholeness."

She defines wholeness as "freedom, living in truth, living loved, and living to love."

At age 17, Freeland was driving with a sister and friend on a rainy day in Houma, Louisiana, when her steering wheel jerked to the left. As she slammed on the brakes and the vehicle hydroplaned, the collision of other vehicles caused the gas tank to explode, leaving Freeland with a disfiguring burn injury over 75% of her body. 

Despite her 99% chance of dying the first night after the accident, with help from medical professionals, Freeland miraculously survived and went on to serve in various ministries focused on helping youth, crisis survivors, and wounded veterans, sharing her inspiring story at training conferences, commencement ceremonies, and churches worldwide.

Others have encouraged her to write a book for years, and Freeland has responded by writing Life Beyond the Scars. Dave Roever, president and CEO of Operation Warrior RECONnect, calls it "the real deal." 

"Life Beyond the Scars provides you with a pathway to deal with disappointment and pain," says Roever. "It's the real deal that puts you in the driver's seat of choice to turn your tragedy into triumph."

Life Beyond the Scars is now available for order as an ebook and paperback on Amazon.

To celebrate the book's release, Freeland is holding an open house launch party and book signing today, October 9 from 1 - 6 p.m. in the Montrose Event Center on 648 South 1st Street in Montrose, Colorado. She will be sharing updates on Facebook Live for those who cannot make the event in person.

About Charity Freeland: 

Charity Freeland has a passion to help hurting people. As one who has experienced life-changing tragedy and found freedom and wholeness, she recognizes that God has gifted her with hope, insights, and perspectives to share with others.

Charity has spent her career serving various ministries, including Solid Rock Foundation Ministries, a youth and family ministry that focuses on discipleship training and missions, Dave Roever's ministry to wounded warriors, and most recently REAP International, an online Bible School serving students in many nations.

She lives in Western Colorado where she enjoys spending time with friends and traveling to see family. Connect with Charity Freeland at charityfreeland.com

Source: Charity Freeland, Author

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