Burkfield Continues Tradition of Quality Fireplaces With Trio of New Products

As waves of winter chill sweep across the Northern Hemisphere, luxury electric-fireplace company Burkfield is heating things up.

​The trusted manufacturer announced the launch of a new trio of plug-in fireplaces that exude the class and quality long associated with the Burkfield name. All three fireplaces are available for purchase at the company’s online store, www.burkfield.com/shop.

The Franklin LS-122 is Burkfield’s smallest fireplaces. It’s designed after wood burning stoves popular from quaint villages in the German countryside to cozy homes in the northern United States.

The Franklin LS-122 is Burkfield's smallest fireplaces. It's designed after wood burning stoves popular from quaint villages in the German countryside to cozy homes in the northern United States.


This particular model offers homeowners a variety of settings that can accommodate virtually any type of cold-weather environment. Users have the option of turning on the fireplace’s firewood effect, which transforms a cold room into a peaceful setting where a tranquil orange glow flickers through a pile of faux wood.

Turning the unit’s heat along with the glow gives a room an authentic fireplace feel. The fireplace’s temperature is fully customizable and has an internal thermostat that turns the unit off when the room reaches the pre-selected temperature.

Indicative of Burkfield’s tasteful design, each of the unit’s switches and knobs are concealed behind the fireplace door so they aren’t visible as the heater and visual effect are operating.

Similar to the Franklin is Burkfield’s Astor HM-245 fireplace, which has all the great features of the Franklin plus a few additional benefits.

The Astor has a pair of doors which swing open rather than the single-door design of the Franklin. Also, the Astor features an ash-drawer façade, giving the fireplace and even more authentic feel.

In addition to the adjustable heat settings in the Franklin, the Astor also has a timing system that allows you to set the fireplace to turn off, in 30-minute intervals, from 30 minutes to 6 hours in the future.

The final piece in Burkfield’s latest line of fireplaces is the Stonewall MW-350. An ultra-modern take on the fireplace, the Stonewall is meant to be mounted in a prominent place in your favorite room or to be a free-element on a mantle or piece of furniture.

The Stonewall is housed in a casing similar to that of a flat-screen TV and features a multiple-log visual effect that, when used with the unit’s powerful heater, can turn a drab living room into a romantic enclave. A black, tempered glass panel frames the real-log flame effect.

All three of these products are built to Burkfield’s high safety- and design standards. While the fireplaces can be used in virtually any indoor space, they are most commonly enjoyed in living rooms, dens, bedrooms and offices.

The Franklin LS-122 is currently priced at $299, the Astor HM-245 is available for $349 and the Stonewall MW-350 can be purchased for $499.

According to the company’s website, each fireplace is designed to be both timeless and adaptable to a wide variety of design styles and themes. For more information about Burkfield, go to www.burkfield.com/about-us.


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