Bully Max Wins More Chargebacks Thanks to Partnership with Chargeflow

Chargeflow's fully automated solution is saving Bully Max time and money in subscription chargeback mitigation.

At a time when chargebacks are costing the e-commerce industry up to $200 billion per year, Chargeflow has emerged as an industry-leading solution for businesses in need. With the help of Chargeflow's automated, AI-based solution, dog foods and supplements manufacturer Bully Max was able to simultaneously eliminate all manual chargeback workloads and secure significant savings for its subscription-based e-commerce operation.

Prior to leveraging Chargeflow, the Bully Max team was using an in-house agent to respond to the chargebacks manually. In doing so, owner and CEO Matthew J. Kinneman and his team found addressing individual chargebacks with detailed responses in limited time frames to be challenging and laborious.

"If the agent dedicated to responses was out of work, or on vacation, I found myself, the owner, responding to chargebacks," said Kinneman. "This was a time-consuming task that put other urgent tasks on the back burner."

Realizing that a change was needed, Kinneman and the Bully Max team began looking for automated solutions. After spending over 90 days with an alternative chargeback company that ultimately failed to resolve the issue, the team turned to Chargeflow for assistance. In a matter of minutes, the automated solution was implemented and running.

"The stress level related to chargebacks went from 100 to zero. I couldn't be happier to have this process automated. Not only can we dedicate our time to more productive projects, but we also don't have to train and monitor the employees that manage our chargebacks anymore," said Kinneman.

In particular, Kinneman was impressed by the solution's quick onboarding speed, AI-based technology, and the quality of the chargeback responses. When reviewing chargeback stats, a process that previously took over 50 hours of manual work, the Bully Max team can simply analyze the Chargeflow dashboard to assess performance in mere minutes.

Bully Max now saves over $4,000 on employee costs per month after implementing Chargeflow, all while winning the most subscription chargebacks the company has seen in its history.

"If you're not using Chargeflow to automate your chargebacks, you're leaving money on the table in more ways than one," said Kinneman. "Not only are we winning more chargebacks, we no longer have to go through the painstaking processes of hiring, training, and monitoring the employees that handle our chargebacks."

Chargeflow is actively helping e-commerce merchants recover lost revenue, addressing their daily manual chargeback process, by implementing the automated fraud prevention app to automatically fight and win more Shopify chargebacks, or other well-known e-commerce platforms and PSPs like Stripe and PayPal.

Ariel Chen, co-founder and CEO of Chargeflow, highlighted the strenuous nature of manual workloads as the commonality found in the majority of the cases he has seen in recent years.

"Many of our clients approach us with stories of challenging manual workloads. The bottom line is quite simple — manual management processes simply are inefficient and not applicable for modern e-commerce subscription-based businesses," said Ariel. "Subscription chargebacks make up a significant portion of the traffic we see; an automated platform is an absolute necessity to effectively secure savings for any type of business so they can focus on growth."

To learn more about Chargeflow's powerful chargeback automation platform, please visit Chargeflow's website.

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