Bullseye Event Group Announces Bullseye Basketball Series

Bullseye Event Group officially announces a partnership with Jonathan Byrd's Grand Park Fieldhouse to launch the Bullseye Basketball Series.

Bullseye Event Group is excited to officially announce a partnership with Jonathan Byrd’s Grand Park Fieldhouse to launch the Bullseye Basketball Series starting on Dec. 30 and Dec. 31, 2017!

An opportunity for 3rd through 8th grade teams to showcase their talents in a national spotlight, the Bullseye Basketball Series will be national tournaments launching at the Grand Park Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, showcasing some of the greatest talent in the country.

We see this as an opportunity to give the parents more of an experience, while their kids have the opportunity to get to know each other more both on and off the court.

Kyle Kinnett, CEO, Bullseye Event Group

“I was once told that basketball doesn’t matter until the 9th grade. My response to that gym owner was that he then shouldn’t be charging parents $10 at the door if it doesn’t matter,” Bullseye Event Group CEO Kyle Kinnett said. “Travel Sports has become very expensive, with parents making sacrifices for their children every weekend that is not only unbelievable, but goes well beyond basketball. I see parents giving everything they have for their children, but nothing is being done for these parents at these events.” 

“That is why we are thrilled to partner with the top basketball facility in the country, Grand Park Fieldhouse, to put together this big national tournament filled with the nation’s top elite teams, while utilizing (Bullseye Event Group’s) world-renowned hospitality experience, taking what we do with NFL and NBA franchises, and bringing it to the kids and parents of the youth sports movement,” Kinnett continued. “What we’ve learned in the NFL and NBA is that people aren’t just buying tickets, they’re looking for an experience. These parents don’t want to just go to a tournament and back to the hotel room. Our tournaments will feature one evening that includes a high-end culinary experience, cocktail receptions and a chance to develop relationships with other families throughout the country with these common interests.”

“We see this as an opportunity to give the parents more of an experience, while their kids have the opportunity to get to know each other more both on and off the court,” Kinnett added.

The days of going to a tournament to get one good game in a weekend are over! New to the youth travel basketball scene is Bullseye 345, bringing the top ranked 2025, 2026 and 2027 (3rd, 4th and 5th grade) teams to compete and gain in national rankings, in a joint effort with some of the nation’s top basketball programs to pool the best teams and cut down on meaningless games and tournaments.

When you see Bullseye 345 at a tournament, you are guaranteed to have the nation’s highest ranked teams and best competition at the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade levels. The ranked teams nationally will be bracketed together (Bracket A), and the up-and-coming teams, or just teams looking for solid competition, will be in another (Bracket B). Teams that compete well in Bracket B have the opportunity to play in Bracket A, and teams that struggle in Bracket A can be sent to Bracket B in future Bullseye 345 tournaments.

If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. And the Bullseye Basketball Series provides that platform.

The 2017 Bullseye Basketball Series launches at Grand Park Fieldhouse on December 30th and 31st, 2017, includes teams from 3rd thru 8th grades, and includes:

Tipoff Party

Immediately After the tournament is over, Celebrate New Year’s with your team and parents at an event fully catered by Bullseye Event Group and Food Network celebrity chef Aaron May, featuring an all you can eat and drink menu, included in your team’s registration fees.

Bullseye 345 Teams Committed (So Far)

North Coast Blue Chips (IN), Team Takeover (DC), Oakland Soldiers (CA), New World (DMV) Team United (NC), Train 2 Win (MD), NYC Rens, Riverside Hawks (NYC), Riverfront Rebels (MO), Teague (IN), The Family (MI), Ohio Rebels (OH), Lansing United (MI).

More information and team registration details can be found at BullseyeBasketball.com.

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