BulletBlocker.com Announces Corporate Security Program

Boston, MA - With growing concerns over the economy and unemployment, BulletBlocker announced today its Corporate Security Program. The program enables companies to extend discounts to employees for discreet, bulletproof protection devices.

BulletBlocker.com, as covered by CNN, MSNBC and FOX networks, was the first company to provide affordable, discreet bulletproof protection to civilians. The "My Child's Pack" now known as the "BulletBlocker Backpack" made its debut in 2007 in the wake of the Columbine and Virginia Tech mass school shootings. BulletBlocker has since expanded to include workplace safety devices for adults including bulletproof laptop cases, seat cushions and travel accessories.

Their Corporate Security Program enables company owners and human resource managers to extend 10% discounts on BulletBlocker products to all of their employees. Another option enables companies to get volume discounts for equipment for employees working in elevated risk capacities.

The only requirement for enrollment in this program is to contact either Bill Barbin or Mark Dabbs to arrange for their discount code via BulletBlocker.com. Participating companies will be provided a simple brochure they can provide their employees demonstrating the company's interest in their work family's safety and security.

Mark expressed, "There is a state of elevated concern for personal protection across many business industries, specific geographic and ideological communities. Many companies are taking extra precautions in providing additional training and personal protective equipment to their employees. In general, we are getting the sense that the economy and unemployment are continuing to worsen and add stress in the workplace." He went on to note that while bulletproof vests may be going to the extreme, an innocuous backpack or laptop case can provide the same protection along with the expected utility.

BulletBlocker uses semi-flexible, non-metal textile panels in all of its products making it airport friendly. As well, they offer their anti-ballistic panels separately that you can easily insert into your existing briefcase or daypack. While some have disparaged the backpacks for only providing back protection, they can be used just like a shield to provide protection to threats from the front.

For more information about BulletBlocker and the BulletBlocker Corporate Security Program, please visit their web site at http://BulletBlocker.com.

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