Buddy's Offers 2-in-1 Computer Rentals With Toshiba Convertible PC

On the retail market, the Click Convertible is backed by a one-year warranty and one year worth of technical support.

While mobile devices are indeed all the rage, that fact hasn't stopped the PC segment from moving ahead. Manufacturers are steadily rolling new products along the cutting edge, and computer rental service providers are literally following in their footsteps. Buddy's Home Furnishings is helping tech conscious consumers keep their technology up to date with innovative solutions like Toshiba's touch-friendly converter computer.

The Satellite Click Convertible is Toshiba's vision of the 2-in-1 PC. Featuring a 13.3 LCD screen, the device gets its remarkable HD capabilities from the 1366 x 768 resolution that brings content to life. Converting the unit into a mobile companion is as easy as detaching it from the keyboard but by design, it packs more power than the typical tablet computer can even muster. The Convertible has a whopping 500 GB hard drive with an impressive 4 GB of RAM. Running a speedy AMD chip and Radeon video card, it delivers the type of performance mobile users aren't accustomed to.

On the retail market, the Click Convertible is backed by a one-year warranty and one year worth of technical support. Both the warranty and support services are extended through Buddy's. This means customers can count on repair services and even a replacement if necessary as long as their service agreement is active. This added peace of mind rounds out an extensive list of benefits that make Toshiba's versatile hybrid PC a tremendous value.

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