Buddha-Bar Celebrates 20 Years Anniversary & Launches a New Site in NYC

Buddha-Bar Restaurant London, owned and managed by Stefan Stefanov continues to have an 

uncompromising style they have practised and perfected.

Followed by its tremendous success, Mr Stefan Stefanov will be launching a new Buddha-bar site 

in NYC at Tribeca.

A harmonizing flurry of Pan Asian delicacies and exotic ingredients, are just some of the key 

elements that can be found at Buddha-Bar Restaurant, 145 Knightsbridge. The interiors 

contemporary feel, excels and breaths a beauty that Buddha-Bar restaurants have become globally 

renowned for. These exploits have been thoughtfully mastered with floor to ceiling crystallized 

dragons, and London’s interpretation of the signature Buddha made from a single sheet of metal, 

levitating over diners on the ground floor this is embraced with 203 bronze Buddha figures 

overlooking the main first floor restaurant also.

Staying true to the real essence of Buddha-Bar Restaurant London, the Head Chef’s vision is to 

infuse dishes from The Buddha bar heritage, whilst remaining sympathetic to dishes that are 

specific to the capital. Amongst them are favourites such as tuna tataki, spicy mango roll and the 

Wagyu beef fillet. These are complemented by the signature fare of the celebrated Buddha-Bar 

chicken salad, spicy tuna tartare, and of course its famous sashimi and crunchy sushi.

Buddha-Bar has long enjoyed a reputation for avant-garde cocktails, and the list here continues 

that tradition, with many created using homemade syrups and infusions. Included among the 

unique concoctions are favourites such as Hotch Kiss 22, with its bewitching blend of fresh ginger, 

fresh orange peel, elderflower, gin, spirit of Absinthe and Champagne.

With numerous nominations and Awards under its belt, such as London Best Restaurant & Bar 

Award 2014 and 2015, the Knightsbridge location brings an added allure to the vicinity as it 

continues to attract affluent, sports personalities, musicians, actors, celebrities such as singer 

song-writter Drake and culinary maestros such as Raymond Blanc.

A harmonizing flurry of Pan Asian delicacies and exotic ingredients all-encompassing tantalising 

flavours and stylistic flare are just some of the key elements that can be found at Buddha-Bar 

Restaurant London. Buddha-Bar Brand will soon be celebrating its 20th Anniversary globally, with 

events taking place at every location from London to Prague, Marakesh, Hurghada, Moskow and 


Contact Lisa Swart | lisa@buddhabarlondon.com | 0203 667 5222 | 07852825122


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