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Buca Belts

Now there is a new style of golf belts on the market that shy away from the standard solid colors of yesterday. Buca Belts is a bold brand that aims to add a little color to the course by upping your belt game with some bright and energetic colors. 

In 2017, the creators of Buca Belts set out to find an exciting, vibrant, and unique golf belt. Since the family spent so much time on the golf course wearing brightly colored shirts, they wanted a belt that was just as bold to match. Looking for quality golf belts beyond the solid colored white, gray or black, they found there was not much offered that could really make a statement. So what did they do…..get out a white belt, some painters tape and a whole bunch of Sharpies!

Since a hand colored Sharpie belt is not a long-term solution, they started the process of creating an actual product. Over the next several years they spent time creating and evaluating various samples from multiple manufacturers. They initially started with samples of the standard leather belt with holes, but quickly found friends and family loved the ease and comfort of ratchet style belts much better.

Finally, in early 2020 Buca Belts launched their initial line of golf belts that really make a statement and can be individually adjusted to almost any size (up to 46”). Already being worn by numerous weekend golfers, KFT players, World Long Drive competitors and PGA caddies, Buca Belts has made a colorful splash in the golf belt world. New patterns are being added soon, so follow along online to keep up with the changes coming.

Although they are directed towards golf, Buca Belts are really for anyone that wants to add some bold colors to their daily outfit. Their slogan is ‘A Perfect Fit For The Greens And Your Jeans’ and they definitely make a statement on or off the course.

To see the initial line of Buca Belts, visit www.bucabelts.com and follow them on Instagram @bucabelts for some great images of their belts in action. For any other questions, email support@bucabelts.com.

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A belt company focused on golf but for anyone that wants to add color to their belt collection.

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