BSN Launches RFID Operations in America and Europe

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Baoshen Group today announced the launch of BSN and its new range of RFID operations in the USA, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and Japan.

With immediate effect, BSN introduces new RAIN labels and tags that are designed for the high growth RFID markets in retail apparel and footwear. BSN RFID labels are priced substantially below other RFID label suppliers,

In early 2019, BSN will introduce its new RFID/EAS tags, which are designed to make a huge impact in the retail Loss Prevention and Item Visibility markets.

In addition, in the Spring of 2019 BSN aims to launch its innovative Eprint solutions. Based on printed electronic circuits, that are developed and produced by Pragmatic in the UK. Eprint flexible RFID labels will offer a low-cost RFID alternative into Anti-Counterfeiting and Consumer Experience applications. As the Eprint Integrated Circuits will be produced as a printed electronic, BSN is targeting a price point at less than half the cost of similar silicon-based NFC tags and labels.

All RFID inlays will be approved by standards and technology bodies. The company is excited to announce that it will be joining the board at the University of Auburn ARC Lab and will be a member of GS1, RAIN, and the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA).   

“Our company is well known in Asia as a premier provider of labels and materials, and since 1988 we have been proud to build relations with many of the world’s leading brands and retail operations”, said Kevin Chen; President and Founder of the Baoshen Group. “Now we are excited to open our latest company; BSN. Through BSN we aim to provide a closer link to our customers in America, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and Japan. After many years of planning and development, we are excited to enter the RFID market with our new product innovations. Our company has built a reputation for trust and honor, and we want our new customers to know that all the BSN products will be backed by the highest quality controls.”

Joining the company in the USA are industry veterans, Joelle Farrell and Philip Calderbank. Both are well known and have extensive experience in the label and RFID industry. Joelle will now lead the sales operation in the USA, while Philip will be consulting on all aspects of RFID.

“It’s been a long time since the RFID industry has seen a company such as BSN enter the market, and it’s exciting to see that in addition to Item Visibility applications, it is taking a serious view on the use of RFID as a Loss Prevention device. The development of Eprint is another area of innovation that will dramatically lower the price point in NFC applications,” says Calderbank.

BSN has its world headquarters in Guangzhou, China and is a leading supplier of labels, packaging materials and RFID IoT solutions into the Apparel, Footwear, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Food markets. The company’s main manufacturing sites are in China, and North/South Vietnam. Commercial operations are in Asia, New York, USA, and Barcelona Spain.

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Philip Calderbank. 

Source: BSN