Bruce Heen Celebrates Over 30 Years of Successful Career

Bruce Heen has led a very successful career as an accountant and has traveled and changed companies several times in order to expand his career.

Bruce Heen can point to the exact moment that he began his career as an accountant. His resolve to work in the career industry was a result of a career change. He was a teacher before he became an accountant. However, he first began work as an accountant in Stevens Point, Wisconsin when he began work at Sentry Life Insurance. He began working for Sentry Life Insurance in 1980 after he graduated with his degree in accounting from the University of North Dakota that same year.

Two years later, in 1982, Bruce Heen passed the exam in the State of Wisconsin to become a certified public accountant. "I am still an active member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The same year I passed the exam in Wisconsin, I received my first promotion and moved to Atlanta, Georgia," says Bruce Heen.

And Bruce Heen's first promotion in 1982 earned him the title of Southeast Accounting Manager. However, it was only a year later that he took a different manager position for Atlanta International Insurance Company in 1983. After another two years, Bruce Heen began working for Union Security Insurance Company, where he would work a successful eleven years.

"My first position with Union Security Insurance Company was as Life Insurance Financial Reporting Manager. Union Security Insurance Company is a part of the American Security Insurance Group in Atlanta, Georgia," says Bruce Heen. Even though he started as a manger, Bruce Heen worked hard and left the company as an assistant vice president. He received much recognition for his work at American Security Insurance Group for, "compiling detailed accounting guide for in-house reinsurance system in 1987 and then for developing standardized system for completing year end regulatory statements in 1990."

Although Bruce Heen received recognition for his work for American Security Insurance Group he still moved onto other companies to build his career. He is very proud of his current title as Vice President for the Life and Annuity Business Planning and Analysis department for Protective Life Insurance Company where he works now. "I'm very proud of my career and I look forward to continuing success," says Bruce Heen.

About: Bruce Heen has worked as an accountant in the insurance industry for over 30 years and is proud of the career growth he has experienced.

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