Browsi is Now Available in the Amazon Publisher Services Connections Marketplace

Publishers can now more easily add Browsi to their tech stack, helping create revenue lift while also improving UX.

Browsi now in APS

SaaS company Browsi LTD (Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel & New York, USA; CEO: Asaf Shamly) announced that it is now available in the Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Connections Marketplace. The APS Connections Marketplace connects publishers to providers of ads, media, and infrastructure services who can help solve challenges with ad tech solution discovery, selection, technical integration onboarding, and ongoing maintenance.

Activating Browsi enables publishers to take advantage of advanced AI capabilities, including real-time ad optimization technology, which leverages machine learning algorithms to identify the most effective ad layouts for each user in real-time. This helps publishers further maximize their revenue potential while delivering personalized ad experiences to their audiences. 

The Browsi activation can be completed with little or no additional development work through a publisher's existing APS integration. Initiating a connection only takes a few clicks in the Connections Marketplace inside the APS portal.

According to Asaf Shamly, Co-Founder and CEO of Browsi, "Making Browsi available in the APS Connections Marketplace represents another step towards helping publishers more easily adopt the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry. Browsi is delivering on its promise to empower publishers with the latest AI technology, and create a world in which content and ads blend harmoniously." 

About Browsi
Browsi is a leading AI-driven SaaS company that empowers publishers and content creators to gain control of their digital real estate. Browsi's AI platform seamlessly analyzes real-time behavioral data to create personalized ad placements, increasing revenue and improving user experience. Browsi is trusted by premium publishers such as CNN, TMZ, Kobe Shimbun, Reworld Media, GMX, WebMD, Graham Media and more.

Source: Browsi