Broward County Sheriff Candidate Santiago Vazquez Announces a New Plan to Better Protect and Serve Minority Communities

Santiago Vazquez, combat veteran and retired sergeant of the Broward Sheriff's Office, is proposing a comprehensive plan to end police abuse in Broward County. The plan promises to usher in a new way to protect and serve minority communities. 

Vazquez’s plan is designed to lead the way in a policing revolution that places minority communities on equal footing as stakeholders in society. The plan’s key component consists of establishing a third-party observation committee made up of civilians from organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The purpose of the third-party committee is to hold law enforcement to the highest standards of fairness, accountability and transparency.

According to Vazquez, the civilian oversight committee will ensure that BSO:

  • recruits proportionally from the communities it serves and protects 
  • ends racial profiling 
  • ends the incarceration of undocumented people who have not committed a crime
  • is fair, accountable and transparent in the way it polices, trains and disciplines

“It's time for us to overcome these long-standing challenges to mission accomplishment by bringing in third-party observers to ensure we do the right thing,” says Vazquez.

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Source: Santiago Vazquez


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