Brooklyn's NYCTattooShop Announces Friday the 13th Flash Tattoo Special That Can't Be Missed

NYC-area tattoo lovers have a rare chance to get ultra-inexpensive, high-quality flash tattoo work done on Friday, March 13, at NYCTattooShop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, as the shop celebrates one of their favorite holidays.

Friday the 13th tattoo

Remarkably, 2020 only has two Friday the 13ths, with the first one coming up next week on March 13!  The team at Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s NYCTattooShop won’t let this go unnoticed. In exciting news, the shop recently announced they are running a one-day-only Friday the 13th Tattoo special on 3/13/20 with significantly discounted prices from their professional team. Tattoo enthusiasts are encouraged to make reservations fast, as it is sure to be a busy day at the popular shop.

“We love Friday the 13th,” commented NYCTattooShop Artist Dean Sahar (former shop manager for the hit shows "Ink Master" and "Miami Ink"). “Just having one this year inspired us to say ‘thank you’ to our loyal clients and make the most of it! Come and get in on the fun; we’re looking forward to it.”

According to the shop, over 100 tattoo flash designs will be available for just $13, plus a mandatory $7 tip for good luck (with it being Friday the 13th after all). It's known as the best tattoo shop in NYC for walk-ins and its very cool tattoo flash designs that cover a huge number of interests, on top of their ever-passionate tattoo artist team.

On top of this, for the whole month of March, the shop will be featuring larger bargain designs ranging from $31 to $66, a big cut from what they normally cost.

New York City is considered the birthplace of modern tattooing in America, and NYCTattooShop is carrying on the tradition proudly. Skilled in all aspects of the art, including traditional American, fine line, and black and gray work, they are one of the East Coast’s most well-respected tattoo options.

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