Broadway Vascular Opens New Vascular Clinic in San Antonio

Broadway Vascular Logo

Broadway Vascular is the new vascular specialist in San Antonio focused on minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures to keep patients out of the hospital.  

Broadway Vascular, a pioneering and boutique medical practice, offers non-surgical treatments for many endovascular diseases, such as peripheral arterial disease, enlarged prostate, knee pain, and bleeding from fibroids or hemorrhoids. They also bring extensive experience with renal failure and caring for patients on hemodialysis.

Using state-of-the-art technology, they remove blockages in the arteries of legs and feet, helping preserve patients' legs and feet while maintaining their quality of life and self-sufficiency. They treat only what they are qualified to treat. If a patient has a condition that would benefit from another specialist, they will properly refer them to ensure the symptoms improve.

Broadway Vascular is operated by Dallas Broadway, MD, who brings years of experience from New York City. Dr. Broadway is not new to San Antonio and has been serving the community for over two years. Through his experience in San Antonio, he has seen the need for bringing the newest technology to offer non-surgical solutions to many chronic diseases.

At Broadway Vascular the procedures are minimally invasive. Meaning, they do not use a scalpel and all of the procedures are done through a pinhole-sized access. Recovery time is minimal and the majority of patients go home one hour after the procedure. All of the procedures are performed with an Anesthesia provider. This means at Broadway Vascular, patients have minimal to no pain when a procedure is performed. There is no general anesthesia or long recovery times.

At Broadway Vascular, they promise to make patients their top priority from the moment they walk through the door. They offer on-site vascular testing, followed immediately with a consultation visit with the providers, no extra visits and waiting to hear the results.

Broadway Vascular provides patients with their best professional recommendations and listen to patient's questions and concerns. If a patient doesn't understand what a physician says or are unsure of the advice, the patient should ask questions. Broadway Vascular physicians promise to do their best to answer them. If a patient remains unsure, they are happy to refer their case to renowned experts across the country, or locally if the patient desires.

Broadway Vascular respects patients' personal autonomy and decisions regarding care. They work with the patient and believe solutions regarding patient health only works through shared decision-making. Broadway Vascular physicians don't believe in unnecessary tests or procedures, and always look at conservative treatment options first. 

By bypassing the traditional hospital setting, Broadway Vascular provides a streamlined, yet warm and personal experience. They take the time to understand the patient's problem and deliver safe and highly advanced treatment without having to leave their office. 

Once a patient meets Broadway Vascular, that person will become their patient for life. It is their privilege to work with patients and primary doctors to manage the patient's vascular health. If persons have a history of diabetes, neuropathy, cold feet, hair loss on legs or feet, pain in legs, pain in feet, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, knee pain, enlarged prostate or bleeding fibroids, call Broadway Vascular at 210-465-7015 to see how they can help.

For more information on Broadway Vascular's new office, located at Blanco and Interstate 410 in San Antonio, please visit or contact Helena Ganze at hganze@broadwayvascular or 210-465-7015.

Source: Broadway Vascular