Broadview Marketing Group Promotes Corporate Travel

The director of operations at Broadview Marketing Group highlighted management's efforts to enhance associates' career development and team building through company travel. He also offered tips for hassle-free business travel.

“At Broadview Marketing Group, we view travel as an essential part of the job,” said Trevin, the director of operations. “You learn new skills and more about yourself in a new environment. That’s why we encourage our team members to venture out of the office.”

The management team at Broadview Marketing Group plans a variety of activities during the year. “Our associates travel to numerous events,” said Trevin. “Excursions range from short road trips to corporate retreats. Each of these venues gives our people the opportunity to learn new skills and collaborate in innovative ways.”

"Our associates travel to numerous events,"

Trevin, Director of Operations

“We like to send groups of people to conferences and other industry gatherings,” added the director. “It enables them to interact with their peers from all over the country.” Seminars and workshops offer associates the opportunity to learn the latest tricks of the trade. In addition, team members get to meet with experts. “These events are ideal for networking,” he added. “New contacts allow our team members to establish relationships which also benefit our business.”

In addition to training, the management team uses travel as an incentive for outstanding performance. “At Broadview Marketing Group, we believe in rewarding our best people,” said Trevin. “This year, for instance, we offered a luxurious trip to the Bahamas as a way to thank them for their contributions. It was a resounding success.”

Broadview Marketing Group’s Director Suggests Travel Tips

Trevin and the Broadview Marketing Group executive team understand that travel can be a challenging experience. “Whether you are new to travel or a seasoned road warrior, it’s beneficial to keep up with the latest travel advice,” he said. “Things are unpredictable when you are in transit, so it’s best to be prepared.”

“In many cases, we travel as a team,” said the director. “Therefore, careful planning is a must.” Trevin recommends team members double-check their itineraries to make sure associates’ reservations are in sync. “Also, we ask everyone to bring carry-on bags. That way, we aren’t slowed down by a suitcase that has been re-routed to Alaska!” he added.

The director also advises travelers to bring some essential items. “Nothing says ‘I want to be left alone’ like a pair of earplugs,” he said. “When you are on a packed flight and need to rest, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones will do the trick. If you are traveling with your peers, a deck of cards will entertain everyone while waiting for a connecting flight.”

“Most importantly, I advise our associates to have fun when they travel,” said Trevin. “Every destination has something interesting to see or do.” Websites and apps are available to point travelers to local restaurants and attractions. “When you partake in the local culture, your team has a chance to bond,” he added.

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