British-Ukrainian Space Entrepreneur Pavlo Tanasyuk 'Ready for Lift Off' on 7,000km Ride for Victory Solo Cycling Journey Across Three Continents to Raise Funds for Ukrainian

Pavlo Tanasyuk, a British-Ukrainian entrepreneur and founder of the space exploration enterprise Spacebit, is getting ready to embark on a solo cycling journey covering almost 7,000 km (4,352 mi) to raise awareness and funds for Ukrainian war veterans.

Tanasyuk Cycle

The Ride for Victory ride will cover precisely 6,993 km, which is the same distance as the Ukrainian border currently being defended against invasion. The route of the ride will consist of 5000km in the USA, 1500km in Japan and 493km in Europe, and the first leg of the trip starts in the USA at the end of May 2023.

"Every kilometre on this journey will be a tribute to the Ukrainian people's resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit," says amateur cyclist Pavlo Tanasyuk. "And all funds raised from the Ride for Victory will go to support those who have served their country - in particular to providing prosthetics and psychological support to veterans". 

Ride for Victory will be a physically challenging and demanding experience, but Tanasyuk is determined to make a difference in the lives of Ukrainian veterans who have fought to protect their country's sovereignty. 

Pavlo Tanasyuk's bicycle will be adorned in the colors of the Ukrainian flag - a flag that will soon be on its way to the moon as part of a lunar landing space mission that Spacebit is participating in.

Pavlo Tanasyuk unveiled his plans at the Heroes Support Heroes charity event for Ukrainian veterans that took place this week in Washington, DC, and included a Ukrainian delegation consisting of the Minister of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine and the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation. 

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Pavlo's ride is being supported with equipment and services by Exposure Lights, Garmin, Gevenalle, Redshift and Paul Components.

Source: Ride for Victory

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